Xiao zhan is very much looking forward to the China Red in the Winter Olympics, and he will also work with Yang Zi to cover the Olympics

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The 2022 Winter Olympics will kick off at 8 PM on February 4, and CCTV News launched an initiative on its platform to “cheer for the Winter Olympic athletes and Cheer for China”.Haven’t sleep in the morning of the shaw war immediately forward the CCTV news this tweet, and said very looking forward to the games in the competition of the Chinese red, Olympic athletes, come on, also brought a topic “today spring games opening”, shaw war for Olympic athletes come on weibo, had boarded out 21st, so positive energy out, hope to govinda, encouraging more friend.Shaw war in the early last year became the ambassador for the games ice hockey movement and the 2022 winter games men’s hockey venues in Beijing national stadium ambassador for winter dreams and to actively promote the popularity of curling, shaw war on the music of Beijing TV reality show, “about the winter dreams”, let everybody understand relevant knowledge in ice hockey movement.She sang the English song “Someone Just Like This” at the end of the show, which made all the overseas fans marvel!As the Winter Olympics approach, various platforms have launched corresponding Olympic coverage. The “Star Games Radio”, sponsored by Tencent, has invited stars such as Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi, Zhang Jie, CAI Xukun and Deng Yaping to cheer for the Winter Olympics. The program will be broadcast every day from February 5 at 8 am.Xiao Zhan will share with you on February 17th and Yang Zi will share with you on February 15th.After seeing this list, friends must be very excited, after all, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi have not participated in the same show for a long time.The last time they took part in the show together was a year ago in “Weibo Night”, when they won the weibo King and Weibo Queen together. The warm scene of Xiao Zhan holding up Yang Zi’s skirt when accepting the award still gives people memories.Now the two are going to appear on the same show, very excited.In addition to the good news, everyone must be looking forward to their co-starring TV series “The Rest of my Life, Please advise” soon broadcast TV series.Although this drama is suffering, but also hope to smooth things over, no matter the name change or platform change, I hope in the Year of the Tiger some time, can smoothly broadcast, after all, The audience rating and advertising benefits of Ace army is placed there, we say, if not broadcast is the loss of the platform and the producer.Finally, I wish the upcoming Winter Olympics and the corresponding activities are smooth, advance congratulations to the Olympic athletes for China in the race to win the bright Red China.