Tank 300 pickup version of the spy as the first exposure to continue to consolidate the market segmentation chair

2022-05-09 0 By

People’s car city news, recently we obtained from the Internet channels to a group of the Great Wall tank 300 pickup version of the spy photos, this is the first time this model exposure so clear picture.Rumor has it that the new car is expected to make its official debut at the 2022 Beijing Auto Show.However, Great Wall officials did not confirm.In terms of appearance, the front and front of the new car have the same shape as the Tank 300. The square grille and headlamp group shape, plus the prominent black bumper, make the front face into a hard representative.The front side of the vehicle can still see the shadow of the Tank 300, but the trunk is lengthened to open style, and the corresponding wheelbase is also lengthened. The length of the vehicle is expected to reach 5.3 meters, but it is slightly shorter than the 5425mm of the Great Wall gun, and the wheelbase may reach 3.1 meters.Jeep Gladiator Pickup takes into account the positioning of the Tank 300 pickup, which is slightly lower than the Great Wall Gun in the pickup family. It is only a derivative of the Tank 300 and plays a supporting role in the market.Its market positioning is similar to that of the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck, which can be expanded to meet more users who like the design of the Tank 300 and have rigid demand for the functionality of the pickup truck.According to the announcement issued by Great Wall Motor:”The total amount of funds to be raised will not exceed 8 billion yuan, and the funds will be used to invest in new model RESEARCH and development projects and automotive digital research and development projects. The new model research and development will invest 4 billion yuan, and the new model research and development will be invested in 4 SUV models, 2 pickup models, and 3 new energy models.The three projects are planned to raise 2.094 billion yuan, 883 million yuan and 1.023 billion yuan respectively.”It seems that this mentioned a pickup truck model has been settled.With an open attitude to pickup trucks everywhere, and the tank 300 being a rare vehicle, this is the perfect time to launch a pickup version.Modeling and gun produce differentiation, and performance in addition to the use of cash tank 300 engine assembly, but also is expected to carry 4D20M diesel engine + ZF 8AT+TOD all-terrain four-wheel drive new combination, such a King bomb products believe that the market will be sought after.