Is the trumpet in the village broadcasted every day to recruit workers really so good?

2022-05-09 0 By

Nowadays, there are many people celebrating the New Year in the countryside, but there is a phenomenon that we have not found, that is, the speakers in each village play the local factory recruitment information and treatment in a regular cycle every day.Of course, the premise is to broadcast the local epidemic prevention policy first, followed by the recruitment information of local factories.To this end, some of the elderly in the home to help their children back to do ideological work, also became the neighborhood talk about the relevant topics.Say you see the trumpet in the broadcast of much good, what monthly salary 3000-6000 yuan, working hours eight o ‘clock to seven o ‘clock in the evening, eat and live, air-conditioned room, husband and wife room and so on we are familiar with the recruitment information.As far as any migrant workers who have a bit of experience are aware, whether they are recruited from their hometown or from other places, they are essentially the same, and labor shortage is not a new problem.With the rise of people’s living conditions, rural families with cars and houses are unlikely to return to work in local factories.Even for those foreign workers who have been working for the foreign ministry for a long time, I don’t know if you have any resistance in your heart. As the saying goes, everyone who says that our hometown is good for us wants to go abroad.My friends, do you feel the same way