How did Michelle Ice City, the king of “roll-in” in the catering industry, block the way of other milk tea shops?

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Will “copycat” do extreme, flat for also can go to heaven smoothly.Mirror mirror, who is the new generation of milk tea “the king of inner roll”?Who is the new generation of milk tea “price killer”?If there is a magic mirror and can talk, I believe it will not hesitate to say the name of the “snowman”.”You love me, I love you, Michelle ice City honey…”This year, as long as you have walked several times in the street from the entrance of Michelle Ice City milk tea shop, no one does not know this can be called brainwashing divine song.Although it is not beautiful, the lyrics are monotonous, but can not resist its magic sound in the ear, ten meters away from the door of the store, passers-by can still hover in the mind of this melody.Why is it the “roll king” of milk tea?The title actually came from an Internet joke.One day in July 2021, the official micro blog was working diligently. A netizen wondered why Xiaobian was still working late at night, and received a half-joking, half-serious reply from the official micro blog: “After the snowman began to sing, my KPI became heavier.””Snowman” refers to Michelle Ice City, of course. Netizens who got this reply were amused, and the “mutual scroll” between the book and Michelle Ice City also went viral.When it comes to milk tea shops, what people first think of is all, a little, and xi tea. In recent years, a new “tea Yan Yue color” has been added. Michelle Ice City never seems to be among the online red milk tea brands.However, it is hard for many people to think that Michelle Ice City is actually the hidden BOSS of milk tea industry. After all, it can achieve changhong for 22 years and has not been squeezed out of the market, relying on flexible prices in the country with 7,000 stores and annual sales of 6.5 billion, which can not praise it as a “big bull”.You should know that any “big man” is a step by step to come out, not long ago, Michelle Ice City was a roadside stall, if someone said that it would be billions of dollars in annual revenue, it would probably make people laugh.In fact, today’s honey snow city has made no small achievement, but it is still not a milk tea industry “high-end” brand, and xi such as color of tea, tea YanYue open near the mall, mostly with exquisite decoration and the luxurious storefront, honey snow in the city places is basically a street corner, the subway exit, alley.Obviously, compared with those online celebrity brands, Michelle Ice City takes a civilian line.When IKEA’s 1 yuan ice cream was very popular, Michelle Ice City launched its own 1 yuan ice cream. At that time, rival products were sold at the price of 5 yuan, which instantly exploded the consumption frenzy.It was the founder of Michelle Ice City who came up with the idea.Michelle Ice City founder named Zhang Hongchao, as early as 1997 began to set up stalls selling cold drinks, if this is the prototype of Michelle Ice City, it seems that there is nothing wrong.However, Zhang Hongchao successfully created a snow ice city before, in fact, there was a quite long period of struggle, he did not have any entrepreneurial ideas in the early years, until 2006, the economy slowly affluent Zhang Hongchao, in a chance to discover the business opportunities in ice cream.Zhang Hongchao is engaged in a “price war”. When the price of ice cream on the market is 5 yuan or even 6 yuan, he launched a product with one yuan, which is a naked price attraction for consumers and can completely make people want to buy something after buying something for nothing.In addition to the price, the quality of the cold drinks in Michelle Ice City is not much worse than the ice cream at the same time. The ice cream was 1 yuan in those days, but now it is only 2 yuan after 20 years.This shows that Michelle ice City is determined to use low – price ice cream as its main line of products.After 1 yuan ice cream was successfully brought to the fire, Zhang Hongchao began to carry out a series of “copycat” products in the store, milk tea, fruit milkshake, tea drinks and so on series were launched, what is popular, it launched what, and the price is very close to the people.Over the years, there has been almost no price increase. Looking at the menu of Misue Ice City, the most expensive drink is no more than 10 yuan, which is far different from Xi Tea and Tea Yanyue color, which start at dozens of yuan.”Start low” is even on michelle ice City’s official poster.Capturing the sinking market is michelle snow’s main strategy.Capturing the student market, closely surrounding universities, focusing on low prices and capturing young people is the secret to getting rich for Michelle Ice City.At the same time, more stores, engage in franchising, in addition to the first-tier city stores are not dense, Michelle ice City can be said to be everywhere in the country.As early as 2008, michelle Ice City has more than 180 franchised stores.Some people laugh at Michelle ice city is not senior enough, but they do not know, when they laugh, this “snowman” has silently earned a bucket of gold.Like Pinduoduo, the sinking market will be held to the extreme, the same can find a way to make money.Two domestic main sinking market brands and many, in addition to Michelle Ice City, Wallace, zhengxin chicken steak and so on are a representative.Respect for “small” business is the main reason why these brands can grow red.Wallace has long been accused of being a “copycat,” but the truth is, there’s nothing to argue with that. After all, it got its start by imitating KFC and McDonald’s.In terms of the domestic market, the more KFC and McDonald’s there are in a city, the better the city develops to some extent. The smaller the place, the less likely McDonald’s and KFC will appear.Many towns and counties do not even have a KFC or McDonald’s, which is a very common situation.But without KFC and McDonald’s, does not mean there is no fried chicken restaurant, Wallace made up for the vacancy.Its appearance, to many small town youth can be compared with KFC and other big-name burger restaurants happy.There are now more than 12,000 Wallace’s outlets in China, more than KFC and McDonald’s combined, according to publicly available online data.In the “Chinese Catering Report 2019” released by “some group”, Wallace ranked first in the total order volume of the whole platform in 2018, and the strength of McDonald’s, KFC order volume.As for why, it’s easy to understand, the price is affordable.When you open the phone, swipe to KFC or McDonald’s online ordering interface, casually order two things, you will find that the price has reached about 50 yuan, and the same price, you can even order a family bucket back in Wallace.Of course, relying on the “copycat” Wallace has not yet been able to grow to replace KFC, in terms of category, although it can and KFC, McDonald’s in the basic category to play even, but in taste and new product launch, is far inferior to the latter two.Fortunately, Wallace itself is not aimed at the high-end market to go, it firmly biting, it is McDonald’s and KFC are unwilling to enter even despise the civilian sinking market.In fact, for so many years, the imitation of foreign fast food stores are numerous, but successful management into the system, Wallace should be the first.It was founded by Hua Huaiyu and Hua Huaiqing brothers, who came up with a strange idea in their entrepreneurship, which was to position cheap hamburger and successfully occupy a larger market with small profits and quick sales, thus achieving a reverse attack.In 2016, Wallace’s Wasz Food was listed on the New Third Board. According to the financial report, from 2015 to 2019, the operating income of Wasz Food was on the rise year after year.In 2019, the operating revenue reached 2.55 billion yuan;In these four years, The net profit of Washi Food also increased, reaching 54.6 million yuan in 2019.With his “grassroots” positioning, Wallace made a lot of money.Some people may say that Wallace is not good at all, michelle ice City patterns are imitation of other brands, not at all called high class.Admittedly, these civilians for more popular brand, maybe can’t do so delicate on the details, is not high, but the price is less than half of Wallace, KFC, McDonald’s prices since the beginning didn’t want to go to high-end development, they seize, is consumed upgrade eliminating that part of the market, and they face the market,Is the majority of Chinese people.Young people may yearn for the glitz and glamour of the city, but far from the neon lights, many still live in a straitjacket, with a 100-yuan fast food meal undoubtedly a financial burden.But don’t these people have the right to try new things in the world?Of course, Wallace and Michelle Ice City fill this part of the gap.In fact, mo said that the economy is not rich groups, when it comes to how fast and good province can let oneself both satiate and satisfy appetite, KFC, xi tea flow may not be in the forefront, more is the choice of Wallace among the two customers.Conclusion: in this world, sometimes existence is a kind of reasonable, Wallace and Michelle Ice City’s success, can be called “copycat” to do the ultimate model, is also a successful business model.Author: Black Cat