Beijing Railway Station urban management officers deepen on-duty volunteer services to escort passengers on their way home

2022-05-09 0 By

Beijing station in the urban management department to open the games volunteer service action, joint station east community games volunteer service station in the way, for passing passengers map, free water, the ticket refund consulting services, to assist the passenger bus, at the same time use the same speakers play passenger boarding a train hint, prevent unlicensed drivers KengPian behavior.In the face of crowded passengers coming in and out of the station during key periods, civilized guidance should be given to passengers, reminding passengers to wear masks in public places, providing help to the elderly who do not use or do not know how to operate smart phones and other groups, and instructing them to maintain safe social distancing and pay attention to protection at all times.At the same time, in order to effectively solve the problem of large passenger flow gathering at night, the urban management brigade adjusted the night duty time, extended the duty time to 10 PM, coordinated the security personnel of the security company to carry out order dredding until the large passenger flow evacuation.The correspondent | tung