Year of the Tiger Spring Festival travel report: Winter Olympics with fire and ice travel “doorstep” holiday full of flavor

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According to, more tourists will explore new pleasures “at home” during the 2022 Spring Festival, and local scenic spots will see a boom.Skating skiing, about hot springs, night Lantern Festival, climbing blessing……Tourists celebrate the New Year with released a report on Spring Festival travel in the year of the Tiger in 2022 on Feb 6.The report shows that tourists are still enthusiastic about traveling, with the peak period from Feb 2 (the second year of junior high school) to Feb 4 (the fourth day of junior high school).People born in the 1980s and 1990s are still the most active travelers, accounting for more than 60%.The family group has become the main force, in which women hold the “decision-making power”, leading destinations, route hotels and other choices, safety and comfort is their core needs.From the perspective of experience content, influenced by the Winter Olympics, the Spring Festival snow and ice tourism increased significantly compared with previous years.The Lantern Festival, New Year customs experience, intangible cultural heritage performances and other cultural theme Tours make the New Year more intense;Whether it is celebrating the Spring Festival in place or returning home for reunion, tourists also choose to clock in around while visiting relatives and friends. Climbing mountains and praying, theme parks and rural tourism have become popular choices.At the same time, high-quality holiday products are favored.New top flow ice pier pier “a pier is hard to find”, did you grab it?When the Winter Olympics meet the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, the public experience ice and snow sports enthusiasm is unprecedented, many ski resorts across the country welcomed a large number of “clock” tourists.According to experts from the Culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Qichuang Tourism Group, from the perspective of Spring Festival in recent years, the mainstream customer groups of China’s ice and snow leisure tourism market can be divided into two groups: the source groups mainly in northern provinces and the source groups mainly in first-tier and second-tier cities.The former has a large population base and high frequency, but the unit price of customers needs to be improved.The latter are mainly in southern cities. Although the number of people is less than that of the north and the frequency is relatively low, the unit price of customers is higher and the momentum is greater.”The 2022 Winter Olympics will become a grand event for all Chinese people, which is bound to further heat up snow and ice tourism.”Relevant experts believe that the continuous policy is good, “300 million people on ice and snow” vision, many provinces and cities will be ice and snow tourism as a key industry development, “the first batch of ski tourism holiday destination” selection and other policy factors driven.There are also industrial benefits, around the winter Olympics economy, gradually formed a “snow and ice manufacturing, rescue, holiday services, supporting facilities” of the industrial chain closed loop.In this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the dance and poetry drama Only This Green, which was created based on the picture of Rivers and Mountains of a Thousand Miles, became popular on wechat moments as soon as it was performed, reflecting the audience’s yearning for the beautiful rivers and mountains of China.Sanya, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhuhai, Nanjing and Zigong were the top 10 destinations for domestic tourists, according to the report.In the choice of travel, to the southern coastal cities to escape the cold, scenic spots qingfei health, feel the local characteristics of culture, is still the main choice of Spring Festival travel.