What clematis is suitable for the south?These varieties are a good choice for their heat tolerance and flowering

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Yesterday the blue demon recommended some, suitable for novice farming clematis, and then received a lot of messages from the southern flower friends, consulting the southern region can be planted what clematis varieties, that today the blue demon will introduce several heat resistant, suitable for planting clematis varieties in the southern region.The south can be planted in the heat resistant clematis variety introduction the south area is mainly relatively hot, and clematis is summer and winter dormancy, spring and autumn flowering, so in the south area, need to choose some relatively heat resistant.Because there is no low temperature in winter in the south, so the evergreen clematis are not allowed to raise, can not complete vernalization, can not flower.And many double varieties of clematis, are old branches after vernalization open double, so in the southern area most of the time can only open single.In general, it is more suitable for the clematis in the south, and the blue demon recommends the following.The F series is the Florida group of clematis. The F series is the flowering machine of clematis. It grows fast, produces lots of flowers, and blooms from autumn to spring in the south, except for a short summer dormancy-season.Common F series clematis are: Utopia Utopia flowers are very big, can grow to 12-15cm, can bloom five or six times a year, generally concentrated in April-June and -September-October bloom, in southern areas, can bloom for a longer time.Miss Kyoko counts as a double F variety, with larger outer petals, smaller inner petals, gradually opening and light purple flowers.When miss Kyoko is in flower, it is best not to be exposed to the sun, too much light will fade the color.New magic purple/Magic purple magic purple is also double F series iron, outer petals white, inner petals purple, very special, very fresh feeling.The new phantom purple is the phantom purple bud variety, flower shape and habit are basically the same, the new phantom purple internal petals are fuller, more purple, there is no old phantom purple so much white.Now the new magic purple is also very hot varieties oh, it is really “broken goods king” this time open in the group also has this variety, like quickly close it.Clematis bell can be said to be one of the best iron to raise.Jingle iron is not a variety, it is a series, their flowers are very like small bells, so it is called jingle clematis.Flowering period is super long, from spring to autumn, summer does not dormancy.Many people know bell iron from if “such as ancient”, in fact, there are many varieties of bell iron, you can choose your favorite color.3. In addition to F series and bell iron, there are also some three types of trimmed iron that are very good, such as Lyon village.Lyonnaise grows very fast, produces large flowers and is a very popular variety for heat tolerance.Countess Bauchard is also a very good third class iron, with fast growth, natural branching, good adaptability, very large flowers, and non-dormancy in summer, from April to December in the south.Still have such as dream, also be very good, grow superfast, be color is quite light.Duckling, also known as colorful brocade, belongs to the second type of clematis, but its growth is strong, the amount of flowers is large, the old branch can also open a semi-double, potted or planted can be adapted to.Also heat resistant, old branches open in half double, new branches open in double, and Worcester belle, this variety was introduced in yesterday’s article, very excellent variety.Magic Fountain is a good double variety and is relatively heat-tolerant, flowering mainly in spring and autumn, with some flowers in summer.You can grow it in the south.This article is originally shared by blue Demon Garden.In my public number: blue demon garden (Ilanyao), the collection of thousands of flower experience set articles, to help you walk less flower pit!