The road of life is endless, the future is unknown, who are feeling the stones in the river

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The mystery of destiny lies in its uncertainty and complexity.The road of life is endless, the future is unknown, who are feeling the stones in the river.The wonderful thing about life is its uncertainty.The only certainty in life is to have an uncertain life.Every one of us has to meet a lot of people and things in our life. You never know who you belong to and who is the master of your life.Although some people can only accompany you for a journey, this journey may make you grow up in a moment, or make you miss your life. There are many possibilities in life. The important thing is to be yourself bravely and strive to improve yourself, so as to not be afraid of wind and rain.So don’t underestimate any moment. Every minute and every second can be a life-changing moment.Most of the time we can show others the way, tell others how to go, but helpless is when it is their turn, but confused at a loss.Every man knows himself best, and he knows himself least.Sometimes, we even lose ourselves for a while, blurting out who we are and where we want to go.How to live life, how to walk the road of life, there are too many problems waiting for us to resolve, life also have a lot of helpless, can jump out of the life of the encircle block, live out the real oneself is not easy.All the road only foot step up to know its far and far and twists and turns.No matter how hard the road ahead, no matter how bumpy, is closer to success than standing still.Dare to take the first step, and stick to it is a kind of confidence and courage.People will not lose themselves so long as they do not lose their direction.There is only one kind of failure, that is give up halfway, many times is not slow success, but give up too fast.It takes wisdom to get something, and courage to give it up.Do your part of each day in earnest, without indulging in love and unrealistic visions that don’t currently concern you, without dwelling on unwanted emotions and judgements.There are a lot of times, need is not only persistent, but also look back at a smile free and easy.Don’t always think you can’t, you really never can.The default incompetence, is undoubtedly to create opportunities for failure.I believe that dream is the source of value, I believe that vision determines everything in the future, I believe that the faith of success is more important than success itself, I believe that there is no failure in life, I believe that the quality of life comes from the faith of uncompromising.Have a confidence, is always the greatest potential of people.Each person’s road to success may not be the same, only constantly to work hard, to break through, to develop, not years, not suffering, not living this a stormy life, experience a life of calm and joy, in order to live out what they want.What you want, either strive straight after, or simply give up.No matter how hard life is, no one can share it for you, and no one will give you what you want.The harder you work, the luckier you get. The degree of self-discipline determines the height of your life.Life may fail those who strive, but it does not always fail those who strive.There are no shortcuts in this world. There is no such thing as an unearned good thing. If you want it, you have to give it.Don’t beat you will make you stronger, don’t always meet people on the incessant voting heart or complaints, do others after dinner laugh.Not all the pain can be shouted, not all the love can be vindicated, only experienced, you really know, nothing can not give up, can not be put down.Life is like this, follow simple is not tired, moderate contentment is not regret.Although people are not born equal, some people are born with a golden key, some people are born meant to rely on their own, but this does not mean that persistence and change is meaningless, hard work is to let us out of the narrow life, from the barren environment away from a most effective way.In the growth of the road, we want to break through is not the reality, it is always yourself, life is in the process of advanced, one step at a time, the target in the upgrade, dream in closer, pattern in the amplification, heart very firm and light, and warm yourself out to give light to others, the growth and harvest time witness all the way, we will live as he had dreamed of.Life, there are always unexpected warmth, and the hope of life and growth in nature.Be patient and strong. One day the pain you have suffered will help you. Life never deliberately owes you anything.There will be a lot of unexpected things in life, we should have enough patience to face them, there are too many grudges and too many regrets in life.Time is a shop on the ground of falling flowers, life always has a balance, good and bad, love and hate, happiness and sadness, lively and lonely, many can not be changed.We do not have to panic, do not have to worry about personal gains and losses, life can be painful, but also to know the pursuit of happiness, all the fate, not difficult themselves, not forced others, and not the world opposition.People want to take, also want to put down.To hold is survival, put down is life.Life is a self state of mind adjustment, there are too many passers-by in life, no matter how much you do not give up, the traveler is always a traveler, one day will leave, but there is no way, this is the time, but also fate.Be grateful for the encounter and appreciate the time you have with each other.Plum blossom open in the corner not because of the sun cold and not sweet, this is a kind of elegant, water around the stone and not because of the stone resistance and disputes, this is a low-key.Life is not to fight for everything, nor to rob everything, only after experience, you really understand that there is nothing can not give up can not be put down.Broad-minded a little, see a little light, desire a little less, meet a little more, so that will live a little more natural and unrestrained, life will be comfortable.(The picture comes from the network, thank the original picture author, if there is infringement, please contact the author of this article to deal with)