Jiangning Lake to lead the rural revitalization of ecological civilization

2022-05-08 0 By

Jiangning Hushu Street to promote high-quality development conference was held recently, the street will clearly focus on “ecology”, with the first, second and third industries linked development, out of the ecological civilization to lead the new path of rural revitalization.Hushu, an ancient town with a history of thousands of years, achieved a historic leap of high-quality development in 2021, winning the comprehensive award of “Modern Agriculture-oriented Streets” and the first grade of the actual performance assessment of Rural revitalization in Jiangning District in 2020.The annual GDP of the subdistrict was 5.381 billion yuan, up 12.3% year on year, and the general public budget revenue was 353 million yuan. 228 mu of inefficient land was revitalized.In the New Year, Hushu Street will rely on the rich cultural history, ecological tourism resources, adhere to the ecological civilization to lead the rural revitalization.Focus on modern agriculture, adhere to innovation to promote development, focusing on “rice, chrysanthemum, salted duck, aquatic products” and other competitive industries, incubation to build duck culture industrial park, chrysanthemum research and exhibition base, and strive to create a provincial modern agriculture demonstration park;Focus on lake medium culture, streets in jurong river regulation, and communities in cooked wenbo points along the river lake pavilion, new commercial complex, too fair “harvest in the valley” and so on the new landmark, promote “lake ripe culture” as the core of lake area, with a core of willow village of ancient dwellings dragon area and to the chrysanthemum element as the core of the region of Zhou Gang area such as space, the depth of the formats fusion scenic area and the surrounding countryside,Strive to create a provincial characteristic rural village, city livable village no less than 3, “the whole area is scenery, four seasons can travel” cultural tourism business card.Industrial development, lake cooked will promote economic development in the location of the new momentum in the top priority, focus on industrial investment, industrial toughening carrier, increasing benefits per acre “positioning, further breakthrough traditional investment ideas, change the” hardware “to” software “, “single” to “recruit” along the chain, to ensure that attract more than one hundred million yuan project throughout the year not less than eight,The total investment of investment projects exceeded 2.9 billion yuan.At the same time, we will expand and strengthen competitive industries such as advanced manufacturing, high-end intelligent equipment, modern optoelectronics and modern logistics, support a number of leading enterprises such as Wavelength Optoelectronics to strengthen the vertical integration of industrial chains, and accelerate the formation of industrial clusters worth more than 1 billion yuan.We will continue to intensify efforts to revitalize inefficient land and promote the “extension and increase within” of industrial growth space, aiming to revitalize no less than 330 mu of land this year.The first, second and third industries have developed in tandem, benefiting the people.This year, Hushu Sub-district will make every effort to promote the renovation and expansion of Hushu Primary School and Longdu Primary School, the project of residential care service center of the sub-district will be put into operation, and a number of people’s livelihood shortcomings such as garbage transfer stations will be made up, so as to improve the level of rural public services and promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas.