Comrades, all the way good!Thirty-seven-year-old auxiliary constable Comrade Daming was killed in the line of duty

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February 5 at 10:15 xu, is zhangwen highway 360 km +150 meters to assist the police disposal of road traffic accidents in the provincial public Security department traffic police corps high speed detachment ping a duty brigade auxiliary police comrade Da Deming, was driven from the rear of the vehicle collision, ineffective rescue at 1:07 on the 7th died on duty, only 37 years old.Mr. Da Deming, a probate member of the Communist Party of China, received a college degree. He joined the public security work in March 2012 and was a third-level auxiliary police officer of the high-speed Detachment of the Provincial Traffic Police Corps.Due to hard work and outstanding achievements, in 2018 and 2019, we were rated as “Excellent Auxiliary police” by the provincial Public Security Department and awarded by the Provincial Traffic Police Corps and high-speed Detachment for many times.In the past ten years, with absolute loyalty to the Party and infinite love for public security work, Comrade Da Deming has taken root at the grassroots level, dedicated to his duties, selfless dedication and devotion to the people. With the practical actions of a grass-roots auxiliary police officer, he has interpreted the loyalty and responsibility of a Communist Party member.After the accident, the Ministry of Public Security Party committee member, vice minister Liu Zhao, the Ministry of Public Security Party member, director of the political Department Feng Yan, vice governor, public Security Department Director Li Hongya immediately expressed sincere condolences, asked to do a good job of treatment and special care work, strengthen the front line auxiliary police on duty law enforcement safety protection.At present, the aftermath, sympathy, compensation is orderly development.Comrades, all the way good!Source | qinghai contribute high-speed traffic police E-mail: