Animals and plants are essentially the same

2022-05-08 0 By

How different are animals from plants?Does anyone know what the difference is between animals and plants?Can you come up with a standard to separate animals from plants?As we discover more and more living things, the distinction between animals and plants becomes increasingly blurred.The initial impression may be that animals move, bark, and eat.Plants don’t move, they don’t bark, they don’t eat.As the number of living things increased, it was suddenly discovered that plants also eat, and it was discovered that plants also move, but at a slower pace.When scientists used technology to detect that plants have feelings of joy and sorrow, as well as pain, it seemed that plants were no different from animals.And the question that bothers me is: when human beings are exploring the life sciences, how can they combine plants and animals, just like human beings, how can cells and nerves and other structures in the body become moving creatures.What techniques are required to achieve this expression.