Anhui province has introduced an action plan for strengthening the economy, strengthening the economy, and strengthening the economy

2022-05-08 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, the pace of building a strong agricultural province accelerated.Recently, our province issued the Action Plan of Strengthening Agriculture with science and technology, Strengthening Agriculture with Machinery and Promoting Farmers’ Income increase (2022-2025), detailing the specific target requirements for each content in the action plan of “Strengthening two industries and increasing one”.This will be this year and the next period of my province “three rural” work traction and grasp.According to the action plan, by 2025, China will strive to increase agricultural labor productivity to 48,000 yuan per person and agricultural yield per mu to 10,760 yuan per mu, double that of 2020. The contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress will reach 67.5 percent, an increase of 2.5 percentage points, and the overall mechanization rate of major crops will reach 85 percent, an increase of 4 percentage points.Farmers’ income exceeds the national average.These target task is put forward, reflect the requirements of the improve the quality of agricultural efficiency and competitiveness, suggests that during the period of “difference”, anhui agriculture will be high quality development as the theme, structural reform in agricultural supply side as the main line, give play to the role of “hero” per acre theory of traction, implement “the cauldron to add” action, to promote anhui transition from a big agricultural province to a strong agricultural province.In terms of strengthening agriculture through science and technology, six actions will be carried out, including transforming agricultural scientific and technological achievements into “four innovations”, building a province with a strong seed industry, improving the quality and efficiency of the seed and breeding industry, building the whole agricultural industry chain, green and circular development of agriculture, and digital farming.In terms of strengthening agriculture with machinery, six actions will be carried out, including the expansion of advantageous industrial clusters, the research and development of special agricultural machinery to strengthen weaknesses, the promotion of whole-process mechanization, the improvement of socialized agricultural machinery services, the reform of agricultural “standard land”, and the construction of cold chain facilities for agricultural products storage.In order to increase farmers’ incomes, we will implement four actions: doubling wage income, expanding property income, expanding business income, and increasing transfer income.The programme of Action sets out specific objectives, mandates and requirements for each of the 16 operations.(Shi Li, reporter from Anhui Daily)