Spring Festival is the high incidence of cardiovascular disease, home to visit parents, suggest children pay attention to three things

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During the Spring Festival, remind you that although we have a holiday, but health can not have a holiday, every year before and after the Spring Festival this period of time, the hospital is busier than usual, especially more cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, The Spring Festival is the end of winter and early spring, is the high incidence of the disease season, we should pay attention to prevention, especially the elderly.Why is the disease so common at this time?How can it be prevented?In addition to the old man himself, it is also suggested that the children who go home to see their parents should pay attention to, might as well understand early, go home to tell their parents, to help them protect the good blood vessel.Why is the high incidence of the disease during the Spring Festival?First of all, temperature is a factor. Although the start of spring will come soon, the weather changes greatly when it is warm and cold. Unstable weather has a great influence on blood vessels, which is easy to cause abnormal contraction.For the elderly, it has been aging, if always stimulated, it is prone to problems, especially three high people should pay more attention to.Secondly, many people let their guard down during Spring Festival, thinking that it’s ok to relax for just one few days of the year, eating too much, drinking alcohol every day, and not taking medicine for a few days.Besides eating, many people also have irregular schedules and exercise during Spring Festival.And these habits are easy to harm the cardiovascular disease, causing its lesions or aggravating the existing condition.In addition, for the children, may really can relax the Spring Festival, but for the old man is a busy, first began to all kinds of preparation, may have to do family meal during the Chinese New Year, a lot of dishes, although for them, even if tired, but as long as the family reunion, to see the children are happy, oneself also happy,But overwork is also an important factor.Knowing the reason, we can take corresponding preventive measures, the elderly themselves may ignore some details, if children can remember and remind them, it is beneficial to help them prevent the disease.When children visit their parents at home, it is suggested to pay attention to the following things to help their parents stay away from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: The first thing is to give parents less trouble and try not to make them angry. Too excited emotions will also stimulate blood vessels, especially if parents’ blood pressure is high.Even if their words are not malicious, but also pay attention to the tone and way of speaking, the speaker may inadvertently listen to intentional.If your parents ask if you have a date, it is recommended that you talk to your parents, not too tough, don’t say some extreme words, so as not to stimulate them.The second thing: more help parents do some housework, let them less tired “often go home to see, even to help mother brush chopsticks wash dishes, even to dad beat back rubbing shoulders…”Although the New Year can relax, but at home might as well bear some housework, don’t let parents too tired, so as not to aggravate their heart load, overwork is also easy to affect the normal blood pressure.Third thing: remind parents take their medicine on time, to supervise their daily diet for the three tenors, coronary heart disease patients, a lot of people need to take drugs, but for the elderly, may find New Year’s day, a few days do not eat influence should not, or New Year’s day to take medicine bad luck, but if eat stop, stop drug casual, easy to aggravate the increased risk of complications.It is suggested that children should remind their parents to take medicine on time and correctly, and remind them not to drink alcohol during taking medicine. In addition to the drugs for lowering the three highs, there are also cold medicines and cephalosporins, and do not drink alcohol during taking medicine.In terms of diet, we should remind our parents not to eat too much braised pork, salted fish, preserved pork and other food, and eat less leftovers.Finally, it is also suggested that we tell parents that if there is often severe dizziness headache, numbness of hands and feet, abnormal heartbeat and other discomfort, we should pay attention to it, tell ourselves in time, do not feel endure the past every time.If parents are found to have crooked corners of the mouth, unclear words and activity disorders, we should pay more attention to them. Before the advent of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, these signals may be sent out, and the earlier the better.[1] Chinese New Year is a high risk time for cardiovascular disease. Experts teach you how to avoid it.Xiaoxiang Morning Post.2020.01.20[2] The Fourth Hospital of Wuhan reminds you of the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases during the Spring Festival. Please take good care of this heart-protecting advice, Extreme News.2020.01.16[3] Prevent respiratory infectious diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases during the Spring Festival.China Youth Network.2020.01.07