Baimai Spring Wine Culture scenic spot: wine as the medium, drunk all guests and friends

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Baimai Spring wine culture scenic spot is located in Zhangqiu District, Jinan city, Shandong Province, 3 kilometers northeast of Baimai Spring Park in the west, xinglin reservoir pillow in the east, hu Mountain stands like a barrier in the south.It is 50 kilometers away from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, and is surrounded by Zhangqiu Railway Station, Zhangqiu North High-speed railway station, Qingyin High-speed, Jilai high-speed, and the city bus direct.The location is superior and the traffic is very convenient.The scenic area is invested and constructed by Baimai Quan Wine Industry.In October 1948, “Fu Xianghe” was taken over by the government, and the first state-owned enterprise in Zhangqiu was established, which is also the “shandong time-honored enterprise”.Baimai Quan Wine Industry began to prepare baimai Quan wine culture tourism scenic spot in 2009. After more than ten years of development, it has formed a qilu original ecological wine culture theme tourism scenic spot with the functions of wine culture experience, ancient method ecological brewing, liquor achievements exhibition, original wine private collection and tasting, science research and other functions.The scenic spot has been built into the integration of “museum, courtyard, promenade, pavilion, pool, garden, square” and other wine culture theme landscape, as well as wine ecological park, packaging production, product storage and other production scenes and unique theater performance in one of the landscape system, plus tourist service center, shopping center, restaurants and other supporting service facilities,Initially formed a food, housing, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment, learning in one of the business and functional pattern.The scenic area is rich in tourism resources.The landscape theme is prominent, which can be described as “one scenic spot, one scene and one story”. All scenic spots are integrated with the elements of wine culture dating back to the thousand years of Longshan culture, highlighting the strong historical and cultural accumulation of Baimai Spring wine culture scenic spot.On January 11, 2022, baimaiquan Wine Culture Tourism Zone was inaugurated as “National AAAA Level tourist attraction”.With the promotion of the tourism area to AAAA scenic area, plus the previous Baimai Spring, Zhu Jiayu, Jinan Wildlife World, Jinan Botanical Garden, Zhangqu AAAA scenic area reached 5.In addition, Baimai Spring wine culture tourism area is the first industrial tourism as the theme of AAAA tourist attractions in Jinan.Baimai Spring wine culture tourism area with all kinds of wine culture related tourism products, zhangqiu specialty, distinctive characteristics, inexpensive.There is a restaurant in the scenic area, which can cater for 200 people at the same time. The scenic area does not charge admission, so it is loved by the majority of tourists and receives about 100,000 tourists annually.(According to the official website of the Provincial Cultural tourism Department, etc.)