After the festival vegetable nifty farmers pick sales busy

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Pay attention to our “old leaves, yellow leaves are picked, clean point…”Red flower district offices of hills silver jiang village is known vegetable village, recently, the reporter sees in the silver river dam, vegetable farmers MuShiXiong cut cabbage, with his wife and daughter-in-law in vegetable see MuShiXiong one hand hold the cabbage, skill with the sword, and then remove the old leaves, neat, less than 10 seconds, a beautiful Chinese cabbage is dealt with.”I’ve been busier these days than I was a year ago. It seems that everyone is tired of eating meat during the Spring Festival and prefers vegetables these days.The workers are still on holiday, so we are all harvesting by ourselves.”Mu Shixiong while working told reporters that the price of vegetables is stable recently, the current market demand is very large, basic do not worry about sales.”The Spring Festival has not had a day off, every day there are vegetable buyers to buy, just someone called to order 500 kilograms of cabbage, as well as cauliflower, we need to quickly prepare for him.”Mu shixiong and his daughter-in-law are responsible for chopping vegetables, while Mu Shixiong’s wife is responsible for bagging. The three of them have an orderly division of labor, and their movements are very quick. In less than an hour, the vegetables are ready for the vegetable vendor.Mu Shixiong is silver river village vegetable planting, according to his introduction, this year he developed cabbage, cauliflower, red cabbage moss and other vegetables nearly 200 acres.In addition to wholesale vegetable vendors, Mu Shixiong also runs a storefront in the city, specializing in selling their own vegetables, with annual sales of about 300,000 yuan.Reporter: Wang Yuhan editor: Liu Hechun proofread: Zhou Bin review: Yan Xuebin Li Rumin pay attention to “colorful red granite” a voice of the public number!