Wu Xi was praised as the national football team all!Fans question: does dodgeball count?

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China’s national football Team captain Wu Xi celebrates his 33rd birthday on Feb 19, 2022.In this post, he mentioned his heroic moment of “flying to block a shot” against Iran in the round of 12 four years ago.Meanwhile, he avoided dodging the ball in the round of 12 half a month ago.4 years ago flying to block a shot, 4 years later ducking the ball to throw it!The same Wu Xi, are the same person, why before and after the two rounds of the top 12 performance completely opposite?Which one is the real Wu Xi?Dodging balls and eating sea cucumbers, the official intention was clear when Wu Xi was caught in a storm of public criticism.Many well-wishers also stood up for Wu, refuting fans’ claims about eating sea cucumbers and calling for more tolerance for the captain.The so-called eating sea cucumber, is wu Xi cooperate with the national football team sponsors of a statement, not all national players are eating this thing.We object to eating sea cucumber, but a yard is a yard and Wu Xi is mainly responsible for China’s goal loss.Officials also praised Wu xi for “giving everything she had” in her first eight final 12 matches. Is that true?In the first seven games, wu Xi’s dodging of the ball (above) proved that he certainly did not “give everything he had” in the eighth game of the national football Team’s away match against Vietnam.Diving to block a shot can be “all you have,” but dodging a ball certainly isn’t.It was Wu Xi who dodged the ball that led Vietnam to score the first goal of the match, blowing the horn of victory over China.Why said Wu Xi to the national football team this ball to bear the main responsibility?From the point of view (above), if wu Xi does not dodge the ball at the moment of the opponent’s cross, he only needs to stand in a normal defensive posture, and the opponent cannot pass the ball at all.Unfortunately, it was his bending to avoid the ball that allowed the opponent to pass the ball comfortably at just the right height, thus causing the national team to lose the ball.It was headed by a small Vietnamese team, a humiliation for the national football team, once known as the “head team”.In the face of shooting and avoiding the ball is the instinctive reaction of people, perhaps the opponent like a true pass feints cheated Wu Xi, he thought the other party to shoot hard and bent to dodge, but did not expect the other party is a gentle pick, rub the ball to his teammates.Imagine if Wu Xi had rushed to block the ball as he did four years ago, it would have been destroyed.Losing is not as good as the people, but clearly stronger on paper but actively conceded and routed, this is the most inexcusable point.Wu Xi was praised as the national football team all!Some fans questioned: dodging ball is also counted?Every player should be responsible for the loss of the national football team, especially the captain who avoided the ball.Mr Wu could do one of two things: keep his mouth shut and let time play down the matter.Or dare to be brave, brave and take the initiative to publicly apologize for the dodging ball, to win the understanding and understanding of fans.