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Winter comes and spring comes.Start of Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms, begins at 4:50.36 on February 4, 2022.”Month seventy-two hou set solution” : “the first month festival.Li, founded also……In this and the spring wood of the gas beginning to, so that the standing also, with the start of summer autumn winter.”Since the Qin Dynasty, Lichun has been regarded as the beginning of spring. The arrival of Lichun marks the end of winter when all things were closed and the beginning of spring with warm weather and sunshine.To the beginning of spring, in China’s Tropic of Cancer (huang-Chiangjiao) and its south area, can obviously feel the atmosphere of early spring.In the south, early spring is in the air. In the north, it’s just the beginning of spring.Birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers, till sowing.Spring is coming, do you know these interesting customs?Bite spring mention spring, su’s first reaction is “bite spring”!Spring rolls, wonton, spring morning tuanzi are suitable for young and old, just think of saliva will flow down.The main custom in old Nanjing is fried spring rolls, also known as “biting spring”.One is to taste delicious food, and the other is to get lucky.In the past, the meaning of “biting spring” in folk was to pray for good weather and good harvest in the coming year.At the end of the second month of the lunar calendar, when fresh shepherd’s purse is gone, people eat less spring rolls — but they also have shredded cabbage, shredded leek and shredded bean paste.Suzhou people not only have the custom of eating spring rolls, but also spring cakes are very popular.Gu Lu in “Qing Jialu” said: “In January before spring, the city has been inserted for buying spring cakes, people feed.”In North China, dumplings are always the star of the Chinese New Year. In Suzhou, cuisine is seasonal, but wontons are versatile.Wonton shaped like ingot, auspicious, natural when can eat ~ at the start of Spring time, eat three fresh wonton, chicken wonton, kaiyang wonton, bubble small wonton and so on are a good choice.In the past, when the start of Spring was the solar term, people in rural areas of Suzhou would make a kind of spring morning tuanzi.If you like sweet food, you can put sesame seeds and bean paste in it.Like to eat salty, you can wrap point radish shreds.In Xuzhou, Nantong, Suqian and other places, there is a custom to buy a turnip to eat, because the turnip taste hot, take ancient people “bite the root broken, Pepsi can be cooked.”In fact, there is a very early custom of eating radish on the beginning of spring in China, such as the Ming Dynasty Liu Ruoyu “drinking zhong Zhi · Diet Good Still Ji Lue” contained: “To the next day of the beginning of spring, no noble and humble all chew radish”, called ‘bite spring’.At that time, no matter how poor the family, also want to buy a radish to bite spring for children.”Welcoming spring” is also a traditional custom.On the day before the start of Spring, two artists with ribbons on their heads shouted along the street: “Spring is coming”, which is the traditional “proclaiming spring”.Spring greeting must be well prepared in advance, rehearsing, commonly known as spring, and then officially on the day of The start of Spring.Spring is the first day before the start of spring, the purpose is to bring back the spring and the god.Spring spring set up a spring officer, and forecast the start of spring.In the past, there were pictures of The Mang God and the Spring ox on the annual imperial calendar. In the late Qing Dynasty, “The turtle heralds spring” and “the bronze drum drives away epidemics” were all important activities during the Start of Spring Festival.After the start of Spring, people like to go out for a spring outing in the blossoming spring days, commonly known as tanchun, spring outing, which is the main form of spring outing.In Xuzhou, Yangzhou, Funing and other places of Jiangsu Province, there is another interesting activity called Spring Beating.”Beating the Spring Ox”, also called “Whipping the Spring Ceremony” and “Welcoming the Spring Ceremony”, is one of the customs with the longest history in Chinese farming culture.To whip the spring ox with a colorful whip means that the next year grain harvest, peace and prosperity, to remind people of the spring ploughing is about to start, do not miss the time of farming.In ancient times, the start of spring that day, officials around the county to rate the people, dressed up to travel, please awn god Spring cattle.Ceremony officials in front of the county government, holding multicolor whip Spring niuniu.A dozen good weather, two dozen peace and prosperity, three dozen grain harvest, four dozen six livestock prosperity, five dozen everything is all right, six dozen the world is too equal a lot of good meaning ~ record suzhou folk custom “Qing Jialu spring” : “On the start of spring, the governor set house hall, whip cattle broken, that is called spring.Farmers compete to toss spring cattle with wheat and beans.Li Xu feeds the spring world with a threatening omen.People buy Awn god, spring ox pavilion in the hall, the cloud should be tian things.”Suzhou before there are hanging spring flags, wearing Chunsheng, the custom of giving spring ball.Spring flags are colorful flags that mark the New Year.In fact, many places in Jiangsu have ever spread the folk custom of “Welcoming spring”, with great similarities but small differences.In the New Year’s Poem under White Wind, such lively spring greeting activities were described as follows: “Wind of cattle returning in the eastern suburbs, wind of dawn dawdling, children clapping their hands together in front of the government office, watching the beginning of spring.”Mang ōu, the spring god of ancient Chinese Han mythology, namely, the god of vegetation and life, was responsible for the germination and growth of trees.In a few areas such as Xuzhou in Jiangsu province, the custom of worshipping Mang God on the beginning of Spring is also inherited.The image of the sentence is the bird body, the rules, the main spring.The sun rises from fusang every morning, and the sacred tree fusang belongs to mangguan, including the place where the sun rises.Ju Mang was very important in ancient times, and it was a part of the annual Spring Festival.The health preservation of the beginning of spring should comply with the characteristics of spring Yang qi, all things are born, pay attention to the protection of Yang qi, pay attention to conditioning and liver protection.Do not be angry, more avoid feelings of melancholy, do open – minded, optimistic, maintain a good state of mind tian Happy.An old saying goes, “The grass sprouts and the old disease sprouts.”Visible after the beginning of spring is the season of disease, experts introduce, spring diseases are pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis, measles, allergic asthma and so on, so this kind of patients should pay special attention to recuperation prevention, in addition, patients with a history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should also pay attention to relapse.Keep in mind the 5 principles of the start of Spring diet light – eliminate spring fire people prone to fire in spring, yellow tongue coating, mouth bitter pharynx dry, so the diet should be light, avoid greasy, raw cold and stimulating food.The person that has obvious heat symptom can eat some clear fire food such as mung bean soup, honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed heart bubble water etc..Yellow and green vegetables – prevent spring sleepiness “spring sleepiness” makes people tired, spirit, should eat more red and yellow and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, green peppers, celery, to restore energy, eliminate spring sleepiness is very good.After the temperature rises gradually in spring, microbes such as bacteria and viruses also begin to reproduce and enhance their vitality, which is easy to invade the human body and cause disease.So in the diet should take in enough vitamins and minerals.Broccoli and other fresh vegetables and citrus, lemon and other fruits, rich in vitamin C, with antiviral effect;Carrot, spinach and other yellow green vegetables, rich in vitamin A, with protection and enhance the upper respiratory mucosa and respiratory organ epithelial cell function, so as to resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors.Be careful gastrointestinal diseases, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease such as easy to attack in the spring, should avoid on food intake of creatine, purine base materials such as rich broth, chicken soup, fish, animal innards and excitant dressing, which has strong stimulation gas that produces the exudation of gastric juice or abdominal distension, increase the stomach burden.Chronic bronchitis and bronchitis are also easy to attack in spring. It is advisable to eat more foods with expectorant, spleen, kidney and lung, such as loquat, oranges, pears, walnuts and honey, which can help relieve symptoms.Today is not only the start of spring, but also the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Let’s wish the ice athletes hard work and go beyond themselves.I wish you a warm spring, everything wins meaning.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com