Haikou City education bureau: each district each school needs to investigate these personnel immediately

2022-05-04 0 By

The Education Bureau of Haikou city issued a notice on March 13, requiring schools and kindergartens in all districts to strictly follow the requirements of campus epidemic prevention and control, and forbid irrelevant people and vehicles to enter schools without permission, in order to further improve the prevention and control of COVID-19 and protect the lives and health of teachers and staff in Haikou.According to the circular, schools are required to take the temperature of all incoming students and check their health codes, travel cards and nucleic acid test reports.All schools and districts should immediately check the following persons: those from the epidemia-related regions across the country, those teachers, students and staff with travel history in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County from March 8 to 11 (including non-school staff living on campus, excluding those who did not get off the bus through Qiongzhong) and other key personnel, and put them under the control of the local headquarters as required.Health surveillance will also be strengthened in all districts and schools.Strengthen health management of staff in campus cafeterias and other key places, implement the system of morning, afternoon and evening check-ups for students, pay close attention to the health of teachers and students, and take personal protection when they have symptoms such as fever, immediately go to the nearest fever clinic of medical institutions, and implement the requirements of “four early”.Schools need to educate and guide teachers and students to strengthen personal protection, the circular said.Personal protection should be strengthened both on and off campus, social distancing should be maintained, people should not go to crowded places, awareness of protection should be enhanced, and prevention and control measures should be implemented.The prevention and control measures should be coordinated between schools and families, and health monitoring of teachers, students and staff as well as those living with them should be strengthened. In particular, family members returning from overseas or medium-high risk areas should immediately report to the community.Strengthen epidemic prevention and control in key places.Strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements in key places on campus, such as canteens, dormitories, classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums, laboratories and public toilets, and do a good job in environmental disinfection, ventilation and sanitation.Prevention of multiple diseases and prevention of people, physical objects and the environment.We will strengthen prevention and control of norovirus and other common spring infectious diseases, increase the frequency of elimination of key environments and surfaces with high frequency of contact, carefully identify risks and weak links in prevention and control, and promptly make up for weak links.Notice requirements, the city’s education system to improve contingency ability, each school should further refine the perfect “10” two case, according to the area a, a school policy “to carry out the fall prevention and control measures, consummate the school sudden COVID – 19 epidemic emergency response plans, and carry out emergency drills, ensure that emergency plan can start at any time.Haikou Education Bureau required the city’s education system to strengthen supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen bottom-line thinking and risk awareness, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, check loopholes, fill up weaknesses, and carry out school education, teaching, examination activities, management services and other work under the premise of implementing epidemic prevention requirements.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Ji Sijia Duty director: Chu Yu Duty Director: Li Guodong Content review: Chen Yongqi Responsible editor: Chen Chuning