Chongqing village “electric relay station”, let the new countryside more warm Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival, every family of Fangniu Village in Nanan District is decorated with lanterns and decorated with flowers and the fragrance of wintersweet. The villagers are hospitable and the b&B in the village attracts a batch of tourists, making the village a lively and peaceful scene.”Now electricity is much more stable than before, which makes the conditions of our homestay better. Orders for the Spring Festival have also doubled.”At three o ‘clock, Li Xiaoqin, the administrator of the dormitory, was busy sorting out and preparing for the guests to check in. As soon as she saw jiao Ying, a member of the electric grid who came to publicize the knowledge of safe use of electricity, she came out with a smile: “The member of the grid is like our own family, every day, always and everywhere are concerned about our electricity situation.”Now, b&B air conditioning heating and other heating equipment should be equipped, can meet the needs of guests in different seasons, electricity enough, business is more prosperous.During the Spring Festival, jiao Ying, an employee of Shinan Power Supply Company, and her colleague Zhang Musi came to Nanshan Cattle Village to visit customers, publicize the knowledge of safe electricity consumption, and assist customers to check the safety of line electricity consumption.It is understood that Jiao Ying is the cattle village area power grid manager.State Grid Chongqing South Power Supply Company implements grid management in Nanan and Banan districts, combines grid construction of power supply service with grid group work of community socialized management, and sets up “electric power station” in fangniu Village convenience service center, which is its first rural electric power service measure in Chongqing.Jiao Ying regularly settles into the office of “Electric Power Station” and provides one-stop power services such as power customer business expansion, installation change, power consumption, business consultation and inquiry, and power failure repair for more than 580 customers in 8.5 square kilometers of Fangniu Village.Jiao used to get calls from people saying the air conditioner doesn’t work or the wire has fallen off the roof during peak demand periods such as summer. But since last year, she has almost never received such calls.In recent years, Chongqing Electric Power Company of State Grid has collected the electricity consumption situation of Fangniu Village. In 2021, the weak links of the power grid will be solved and the beautiful rural power grid will be actively constructed. The transformation of the second power supply line at the end of the project will be completed, and the power supply reliability of Fangniu Village will be improved to 99.99%, comparable to that of the urban network area.According to the industrial and residential layout structure in the planning scheme of Fangniu Village, State Grid Chongqing Electric Power enhanced the existing network structure in the village, combined with the centralized residential area and tourism industry land, added four 10 kv distribution transformers, and the average household distribution capacity reached 8.0 kVA, fully meeting all kinds of new electricity demand.Combined with the construction of buildings, plazas and landscape roads in the core area of Fangniucun, the company transformed power transmission channels and flexibly adopted cable ditches and other ways for the line equipment of 10 kv and below in the region to build a safe, reliable, durable and beautiful power grid integrated with the landscape.Winding wintersweet garden road, garden master put the wintersweet and all kinds of bonsai, along the street to buy a guest in an endless stream, past wintersweet garden road, wide parking lot stood a row of new charging pile, single-door single-family courtyard, standard and orderly, neat and beautiful overhead lines, “China’s beautiful countryside leisure cattle village” several characters.Upstream news reporter Wen Han correspondent Chen Yameng photography report