Spear, halberd, crossbow and cavalry troops respective fighting ceiling who “Gather together” the king of main combat arms in detail

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In play in the process of the wing is assembled, we have found that, of all military commanders in the game, the initial highest grade eligibility arms only god, and the game itself and using the function of new methods, that is to say, under the condition of the initial military commanders can be used for a maximum of four methods, only to raise its arms eligibility st level after all, only can use all of the five methods.This shows that the holy rank method must be very powerful, so the general made such a suppression.So in the game, which military generals have the high level of fitness, worthy of us in the game as soon as possible to cultivate the holy fitness, their fighting capacity and how?In this article, we will take a look at some of the better generals in the main combat arms in the game.First of all, I will give han Xin the position of the king of spearmen.Han Xin is a military general whom we have highlighted in our previous article.Han Xin himself has the dual god initial adaptability of gun and halberd, and because of the existence of the second order special effects, the most difficult thing for Han Xin to play combat effectiveness in the game is halberd soldiers.But even if the tendency of halberd is so obvious, we will still define him as the king of spearmen, mainly because of the combined effect of pawn fairy and attack void.Said before we are focus on the weakness of the marines in this game, is not a relatively stable control ability, because even in the case of fighting crit, screw spikes methods also let the enemy vertigo, only 60% of probability and spikes, although also can bring the effect of vertigo, but the probability is lower, only in the case of a crit is only 50%,The success rate of all tactics in the game has been reduced by 10-15 points.This greatly reduces the ability on which the spearmen rely most.This for Han Xin is completely do not exist these two problems, as long as the soldier fairy in the case of high leadership can ensure the success rate of the method of war, and hit the virtual and ensure that the DEBUFF method of war in the success of the stable imposed to the enemy for 2 rounds.Therefore, when the halberd can also give the enemy additional DEBUFF in the state of provocation, it is obvious that the stun effect of the spearman is better than the provocation, so this is the main reason why Han Xin must take the spearman as the main battle.We can only give up the special effects of strengthening the fighting method of halberd, but we can still use the special effects study book to replace this special effect, so as to further improve the combat effectiveness of Han Xin troops.Spear soldier name spear king Yue Fei.Yue fei in the power of the gun is not only to han xin, but also significantly superior to him, is primarily a yue fei itself holds methods crit stunt will of god, and because of have the soul of this stunt, forces the overall value will more stronger than han xin, and yue fei initial gun carry treasure ideas from springs, also can give the marines all methods reducing the consumption of strength at 10.However, the success rate of the basic tactics and the problems of the critical attack vertigo, an important element restricting the pikeman, still greatly restricted yue Fei’s comprehensive combat effectiveness on the battlefield.But why yue Fei is the name of the king of guns, mainly because of a very interesting design in the game, that is the treasure Wumu will.Although there is no record of wumu’s suicide note in the History of Song dynasty, the author of this book is Yue Fei, so this treasure let Yue Fei carry initially, also say past.But the game doesn’t give it to him at the beginning.This and Yue Fei has a certain relationship with the treasure, in the game is to hold the general in the gun suitability directly enhance a level of effect.That is to say, after giving this treasure to Yue Fei, yue Fei’s fitness for spear and soldier will directly come to the fitness for holy.Then once the holy comfort unlocked, the troops in the battlefield will have a powerful AOE method.This method is intended to deal a high amount of damage, on the one hand, depending on the base attack and defense value of the unit, on the other hand, this method will add a damage value to the highest general value of the unit.This also allows Yue Fei, who has 100+ melee, to do more damage when using this strategy.But it is a pity that Wumu will not belong to Yue Fei after all, which makes Yue Fei can only become the king of void lance.Xiang Ji has the dual abilities of lancer and cavalry from the beginning, but considering the actual situation in the game, xiang Ji’s gains from using the lancer are still higher.The main consideration of higher income is the treasure Chu Ji that xiang Ji initially carries. Chu Ji’s additional special effect is Weifeng, and Weifeng wants to maximize the effect, so it is the best combination of multiple attacks with this special effect. With the help of the fighting method of even stings, it is still very fast to knock down the strength of the enemy.So the cavalry, which is not capable of multiple attacks, is naturally left out in the cold.In addition, overlord’s critical attack against the lancers is not stable, but overlord’s stunt against a nearby enemy has a higher force than the enemy and can make them dizzy, which is a supplement to the current unstable control ability of the lancers.Of course, the cavalry is still very good, but the pikemen are more profitable.As Han Xin of halberd was forcibly transferred to the Lancer unit, we could only give the title of king of Halberd to wu Qi who was relatively weak.Wu Qi is weak compared to Han Xin, because wu Qi not only has the same ability value as Han Xin, but also has a huge advantage in the key intelligence value.Many players don’t understand why halberd units require intelligence.This is also because of the holy hierarchy.St rating methods are originally by force defense to improve the methods of damage, but the game will be the extra damage change became a warrior intellectual value, so the intellectual value 101, when upgrading to the eligibility to ride to his own level of st methods have a very high additional damage.Wu Qi uncomfortable place is not able to use their own stable method of war, in fact, in the initial treasure Of wu Zi art of war with support, If Wu Qi can use a random hit special effects, there will be a very high damage.It’s not surprising that combos can be used against many weak warriors.Wu Qi will break the array and unlock the soul of the military special constantly improve their fighting capacity in halberd troops, but can not use a stable method of warfare, quickly wipe out the enemy has been his eternal pain.The transformation of Han Xin, Wu Qi’s output is unstable, which makes the transformation into a high-level halberd general Wang Jian from the crowd.Wang Jian’s halberd combat ability does not have too dazzling special effects, is very simple damage reduction and stable casting.This also shows that the halberd unit is still relatively high in this version, so the corresponding high rank generals do not continue to improve their ability on the battlefield.In the game we have to pay attention to the heavy armor stunt, in the initial high level fitness of the generals nurhachi and Yang Xingmi are the generals with this stunt.This stunt gives 30 points of defense to lancers, halberds, and cavalry, but also a 5 point reduction in movement.What is the concept of 30 points of defense in an army?Let us compare the defensive strength of Nurhachi and Wu Qi’s halberd troops.We can see a 21 point gap on command numerical nuerhachi and wuqi, the forces on the toughness of the gap only 16 points, considering both inside and for further addition halo, the soul of heavy armor provide 30 points in defense, to have at least two of the gap between military commanders on the forces defense force of the gap between a very small gap.So this makes nurhachi, who is heavily armored and has some area damage enhancement in random combat, a force that has to be taken seriously in the game.The crossbow troops in this game from the combat ability of the performance is normal, but because the terrain changes greatly, the role of the crossbow soldiers, often can give us a lot of unexpected surprises.Liu Yu was the first crossbow soldier.The basic Arbowman gets a lot of extra bonus effects from the aura while maintaining output.Random hits are limited in their ability to improve the crossbowmen, not as much as other types of combat.The main reason for this is that the crossbow unit’s strong ability in this version is the cold arrow, which is a level 2 crossbow that gives the enemy poison status.Although this strategy will also be affected by the basic success rate, but the advantage is that as long as the general hits, then the poisoning state is 100% can be added to the enemy, so liu Yu’s bow god will definitely add poisoning state to the enemy when the strategy succeeds.Poisoned enemies will automatically lose 800 soldiers at the beginning of each turn, and 400 soldiers per attack. In addition, the general has a 25% chance of being wounded at the beginning of the turn, which is the main attack method to quickly destroy the enemy and make the enemy’s combat effectiveness quickly reduced.And random attack to improve the crossbowmen’s multiple methods of combat but not the effect of the cold arrow method to improve, so this special effect for the crossbowmen’s promotion is relatively limited.Fortunately, there is a formation that can provide some help defensively.In addition, liu Yu’s initial treasure can further increase the damage of his troops, wanjun god crossbow added a crossbow spirit stunt, which gives crossbow troops an additional 15% critical strike damage.We’ve just mentioned that the range of the Crossbow troops is a bit of a surprise, mainly because of the amount of terrain in the game.If an army of crossbowmen is equipped with both the magic of the arm and the technical strength of the crossbow, the terrifying four-bar range will allow them to fire at random intervals over a wide range of terrain without any disturbance.Like the narrow waterway between Nanyang and Xiangyang, the crossbow soldiers on both sides had a very strong suppression and control over it.Interestingly, however, the range of ships will now be enhanced by the technology of the crossbow, which also has a longer range at sea.Cavalry Most of the king of cavalry is given to him when there is tiemuzhen, but here we still want to give to Li Jing who is close to Han Xin’s ability.The situation of Li Jing and Han Xin is very similar, both of them have a stable success rate. In addition, li Jing can continue to improve the effect of cavalry method by advancing, which also makes Li Jing more focused on his planned main combat unit cavalry compared to Han Xin.The same Li Jing and Han Xin also face the same embarrassment, is not stable attack ability, which let him carry the initial treasures of wei Gong art of war additional riding soul some can not give full play to their power.Li Jing is more stable in his output than some quality cavalry generals.This version of cavalry units will be fighting broke out in common, the main reason lies in the cavalry of array methods additional state of tear, tear in this version there are 40% of terrorist vampire effect and unable to fight back, so a large number of cavalry units each other between the rotation of the enemy using the methods and with the help of a vampire effect continuously maintain the integrity of the men,It was really scary out there.From this point, the success of Li Jing’s steady tactics is more prominent.With special gallop and soul of huo qubing is still the major generals, cavalry temujin, though still kept high combat effectiveness, but because there is no additional, the soul of allowing his fighting capacity not as strong, but top cavalry general yuan does not only temujin, subedei also had very strong cavalry fighting capacity.Fast basic stunt ride is a very comprehensive cavalry stunt.Cavalry charge in science and technology research and development to produce a good will damage, while subedei rangers can in the absence of research and development of science and technology has the ability to charge damage, moreover also provides 6 movement, shooting attack will crit, charming and double surplus after the enemy forces rout for plunder ability.This stunt to hurt hurt, movement and movement, and also an additional cavalry, shooting and robbing, if not in the circumstances of the forces of the yuan, is really very beautiful setting, but because in the case of yuan forces, cavalry of the forces of the yuan science and technology is the initial state level directly, so that would make subedei stunt with the ability of science and technology for the vast majority of overlap,It just adds a predatory effect, otherwise it might be awkward.All in all, the riding stunt is a great stunt, if not for the practical aspects of the game.Finally, let’s talk about Li Shimin.In many mods, Li shimin is positioned as the top general of the crossbowmen. In this game, he is also given the god level of the crossbowmen, but also given the god level of the cavalry, so there is a choice between the two units.Here I will choose li Shimin as cavalry unit direction development.The first is the basic stunt destiny to ensure that Li Shimin in the front row will not be some strange stunts and fighting skills will not hurt himself, and will not panic when facing the forced single, because he will not be captured;Even break stunt provides a splash effect, which is li Shimin’s only attack type of stunt, to better trigger the effect of even break, then attack and damage higher cavalry troops, will naturally cause more splash damage;Wei Fu belongs to a special effect opposite to assisting, assisting is to take the initiative to help friendly forces to attack, while Wei Fu is to passively require surrounding friendly forces to carry out fire support for their attack targets, so it is necessary to pay attention to a certain strategy for the selection of attack targets for Li Shimin’s troops.So this let Li Shimin treasure ju ten ji additional escape go become very build, use the effect of escape to find the army in the most easy to cause the target of the fire, give a certain amount of damage in the past, but this amount of damage do not have too many ideas.These considerations led Li Shimin to choose cavalry over crossbow soldiers.