Night Traveler news?Zhao Liying heading for the big screen?What’s going on with dilieba’s new show?

2022-05-03 0 By

The entertainment circle is like a small world, there are a lot of artists, they are versatile, each have their own charm, to bring everyone a lot of happiness.So, what’s on this issue?”Night traveler” news “night traveler” is by Deng Lun and Ni Ni cooperation of a work, the quality of the play is very brilliant, and some people in the circle predict, this play is likely to explode, and basically around the plot to develop, is worth a look.As for the relationship between the actors and actresses, there is not a lot of drama. There is also news about the premiere date of Night Travelers, which is not until the third quarter of this year at the earliest. After all, it has just finished filming.Zhao Liying to the big screen development Zhao Liying in the development of the TV circle to say that it is true, has reached a bottleneck period, is basically the things that should have been obtained, popular resources what also do not lack, many of the above support key projects she has the opportunity to get.Therefore, her team plan is to develop towards the direction of the big screen, she and Li Bingbing have a good personal relationship, Li Bingbing is also very careful to her resources, recently she also introduced zhao Liying side about a female crime suspense film, I don’t know whether the final success.Dilieba’s work schedule is about to officially enter a busy state, she is also considered to rest for a long time, since the conclusion of the period drama with Gong Jun, basically not much contact with new works, let alone the next TV series.Now she has a new line in the works, too. She is working on a female drama about lawyers and a theme project that has not yet been signed.Finally, thank you for your support. I hope you can be rational and happy.