How does traditional culture educate people?Luohe primary school children play yuanxiao like this

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Dahe Daily video reporter Liu Guangchao Correspondent Shi Shuai Qian Shuguang “Fat and cold!”(hitting a Winter Olympics mascot)” That’s right, ice Dadden dadden!”On February 14, students were very excited about the lantern riddles guessing activity.It is reported that in order to better inherit and promote the festival culture of yuanxiao, give full play to the educational function of traditional culture and create a strong festive atmosphere, luohe Primary school launched the theme education of “guessing lantern riddles and playing Yuanxiao” for the little “Fu Hu” on the eve of the Lantern Festival.Early in the morning, the students brought hundreds of lanterns and pictorials made by themselves during the winter vacation.When entering the campus, you will see red lanterns, delicate lotus lights, cute “Tiger” lights, homemade Winter Olympic-themed lanterns, koi lights made of discarded plastic bottles…Students are full of all kinds of whimsical ideas, they use all kinds of ordinary materials in life to make lanterns vivid, vivid image.The students felt the charm of rich traditional culture and traditional festivals in the activity. They were excited to share the surprises brought to life by their creativity and left unforgettable moments.On both sides of the road after decoration, full of festive, peaceful atmosphere, from time to time stop the teachers and students, excited, happy, shuttle in the colorful lanterns, interesting riddles are “picked”.Some students frown seriously thinking, some whispering exchange of opinions, some scrambling to check the answers, lantern riddles opened, from time to time came out to guess the answer to the riddle, received the prize cheers, laughter to the early spring campus filled with vitality and vitality.Yizhanzhan lantern, a childlike innocence, a good blessing, the little Fu Tiger flowers, guess lantern riddles, yuanxiao, not a joy.With the vision of the Lantern Festival and good wishes, students in the lantern riddles divergent thinking, harvest growth, deepen the understanding of traditional culture, to the happy life of the expectation and gratitude.It is understood that the school actively practice the socialist core values, organize during winter vacation, “our festival – the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival” theme activities, guide students to actively participate in the activity, community volunteer service, lanterns, guess riddles, exercise the students’ practical and creative ability, training students’ sense of identity and a sense of pride in Chinese excellent traditional culture,At the same time, I am more grateful for this beautiful era and happy life.