Hunan weekend sunshine accompanied by tomorrow night to meet the precipitation process

2022-05-02 0 By

The “wandering” sun finally returned to Hunan this weekend, mostly sunny cloudy, the temperature continues to rise.However, from the evening of Tomorrow (27th) to the daytime of March 1, the rain will develop again and there will be a precipitation process.The actual data shows that from 8:00 yesterday to 8:00 today, the province is mainly cloudy with sunny days;The highest temperature in Western Hunan 9 ~ 11℃, other areas 13 ~ 15℃;The lowest temperature is 3 ~ 5℃ in southeast Hunan, 1 ~ 3℃ in other areas.Hunan meteorological station is expected to be controlled by high pressure on the ground, mainly sunny and cloudy weather in the province today and tomorrow, with the temperature gradually rising, and the highest temperature will rise to more than 20℃;The day after tomorrow, due to the influence of upper trough, shear line and mid-low altitude humidification, precipitation gradually increased, there was moderate rain in western Hunan.To be specific, from 8:00 today to 8:00 tomorrow, it will be sunny and cloudy;South force 2 ~ 3;The highest temperature in Western Hunan 13 ~ 15℃, other areas 16 ~ 18℃;The lowest temperature in Western Hunan 3 ~ 5℃, other areas 6 ~ 8℃.8 o ‘clock tomorrow to 8 o ‘clock the day after tomorrow, cloudy between cloudy, northwestern Hunan with scattered light rain;South force 2 ~ 3;The highest temperature is 19 ~ 21℃ in southern Hunan, 16 ~ 18℃ in other areas;The lowest temperature is 6 ~ 8℃ in northwest Hunan, 8 ~ 10℃ in other areas.From 8 o ‘clock the day after tomorrow to 8 o ‘clock on March 1, southeastern Hunan will be cloudy, and other areas will be cloudy with showers or thundershowers.Wind from south to north force 2 ~ 3;The highest temperature is 13 ~ 15℃ in northwest Hunan, 19 ~ 21℃ in other areas.The lowest temperature in southern Hunan 10 ~ 12℃, 8 ~ 10℃ in other areas.Meteorological experts remind that the recent temperature difference between day and night, low temperature in the morning and evening, remind the public to pay attention to cold and warm, beware of cold and respiratory diseases, and pay attention to the safety of fire, gas and electricity for heating.Source: Hunan Meteorological Network Editor: Xu Dan