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“Home for the Spring Festival — 2022 Jilin SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala” will meet you at 19:30 on New Year’s Eve in north China. Jilin Satellite TV will broadcast on multiple platforms during the Spring Festival.January 25 19:40 (December 23) January 30 19:40 (December 28) January 31 15:30 (except evening) February 2 15:30 (Chinese New Year second) February 5 19:30 (Chinese New Year fifth) Variety & Culture Channel broadcast time:January 30 21:35 (December 28) Public · news channel broadcast time: January 31 21:05 (New Year’s Eve) urban channel broadcast time: February 1 20:37 (New Year’s Day) life channel broadcast time: February 2 22:11 (New Year’s day) rural channel broadcast time:February 3 21:31 (the third day of Chinese New Year) TV channel broadcast time: February 4 18:40 (the fourth day of Chinese New Year) Jilin’s Spring Festival, outdoor snow, indoor happy and warm.Cold and hot, two kinds of atmosphere are the unique characteristics of the Spring Festival in the north, which is also the biggest difference and unique charm between jilin New Year and other regions.”The games in Beijing, experience in jilin,” jilin TV gala this year will be around the “snow” and “happy” two keywords, interactive link using chengxiang “the story in the photo frame series, will the festival atmosphere, jilin northeast features, games story, ice and snow sports content through a variety of innovative art form and original works of literature and art,To create a temperature ice Spring Festival gala.The Spring Festival Gala of Jilin SATELLITE TV ice Dance narrating program “Ice And Snow” Cross-boundary fusion of ice and snow Country tide program “Xiao” The spirit of ice and snow inherit from generation to generation of ice and snow Country tide creative unlimited ice and snow have my poem to Chant the Ambition skit Jin Zhiwen and Song Xiaofeng double cross-boundary performance “Fame” for the first time;White dove, Cui Big Ben, small cui memories show “the past can only aftertaste”;Yu Yang, Lai Xi staged “Ordinary Road”;Liu Liu, Ge Shanshan and Sheng Zhe made Father’s Choice;Wei SAN, Zheng Yecheng and Yi Bo are co-stars in “Destiny”, a multi-group language program with different themes and the same joy.The 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics was the first time the Chinese delegation participated in the Winter Olympics.Forty-two years ago, in their prime, they realized the dream of generations of Chinese people.Over the past 42 years, they have spent half their lives in their respective posts, but they have always been concerned about China’s ice and snow sports.After 42 years, they reunited for the first time in jilin TV’s Spring Festival Gala.Youth in its heyday, struggle, clear love, only for China.This deep love is the guardian of not giving up an inch of land, is the courage and fortitude of going against the tide, is to tackle key problems day after day, but also to stick to it day after day.Chinese youth will always struggle for the motherland, the blood of youth, will always pentium for the motherland!Jilin TV Spring Festival Gala young people from all walks of life sing the song of youth “10,000 Jiang”.Many original works, such as “New Year comes in the First Month of the Lunar New Year”, “Auspicious Snow and Bumper Harvest”, “Changchun”, “Snow and Ice New World” and “China”, were presented in the Spring Festival Gala of Jilin TV.Different expressions of emotion make jilin story, pride of hometown and love of home and country get the most concentrated and intense display.Wonderful programs such as “The Joy of Snowflake”, “Red Dragonfly”, “Happy Event in China”, “Prose Poems Written by Father”, “Chinese Politeness”, “Our New Era”, “Pilot” and more wonderful content are all in jilin TV Spring Festival Gala.The interactive segment of this year’s Spring Festival Gala on Jilin TV used “Stories in Picture frames” to series the whole episode, with the hosts and spring evening guests sharing their most memorable “story in picture frames”.Song Xiaofeng shared photos of his hometown, and Xu Fei shared photos of The Chinese astronauts she was proud of…In addition, there are many more “stories in frames” that will be shared with you tonight.Ice Stage This year’s Jilin TV Spring Festival Gala with the theme of “ice and snow version” home for the Spring Festival, realizing the integration of ice and snow elements and Spring Festival elements of the stage effect.The ice stage was set up in the studio to ensure the smooth presentation of the athletes’ difficult movements.The director group cleverly designed the interactive areas of “Joy and Joy Area” and “Ice and Snow Area”, where the hosts interacted with the guests of the Spring Festival Gala and chatted about the “story in the picture frame”.At 19:30 tonight, jilin TV will lock in jilin TV Spring Festival Gala and be there or be square with you to respond quickly and update the information around you d source | Jilin TV editor | Luna Review | Li Zhuang jiang Shuai