A faint lamp companion on bright, think of the past before the window, tonight do not sleep for who tilt

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Want to know more wonderful content, will pay close attention to Zheng Huixian art of traditional Chinese studies silently, a faint lamp companion month is bright, think of past events before the window, do not sleep tonight pour for who.Deep night does not sleep to listen to frog croak, leaning on xuan window alone moon Ming, the lamp turns over a book to seek old dreams, ear lingering hometown sound.Cut candle night not end, not sleep cloak alone hesitation, residual lamp solitary shadow sound in tears two lines.The light shadow shakes red to sit alone to listen to the autumn sound, tonight does not sleep west window dream has not become.Bleak night without sleep, the light shadow shake red west window think of the past, tonight do not sleep for who round.Do not sleep sit empty hall, if silver shine on small window, a faint lamp frog drum newspaper cool and refreshing.West window cut candle night sleepless, sleepless full moon, lonely lamp before laughing drunk xintian.Night night, ten thousand households Ming, do not sleep by column moon sigh leave.Midnight often hear sound into the ear, occasionally see the shadow with, push a window to ask qinghui do not sleep.Enter a dream cool, do not sleep hesitate, residual lamp solitary shadow person is haggard, break wild goose sound in tear two lines.Before the lamp moonlight autumn sound sleep late, do not sleep by column candlestick provoke acacia.Midnight frogs sound asleep, wine green reflection of the lotus pond, push the window full moon homesick tears two lines.Do not sleep alone lean on a column, face a window to illuminate shadow sheet, goose of a faint lamp calls to provoke chill.Fall asleep, hesitate, residual lamp solitary shadow sound in tears two lines.Residual lamp lonely shadow night sad, hear the sound of wind and rain xiao Chicken, toss and turn and see the sun sink west.Urge leaf falls, moonlight shines on the person cold, west window candlestick shadow shakes red tears, do not sleep cloak alone column.Do not sleep at star sparse, leaning on xuan window alone to see the month, lonely before the lamp sigh tears double down.Night without sleep, firecrackers in the old year, thousands of people do not sleep, push the window full moon look forward to reunion.Autumn to crickets, the lamp faint night sit alone to listen to the wind and rain, do not sleep think jun hate not disappeared.Do not sleep, push the window and see the moon hazy, to write acacia sentence, but anger or noise disturb dream thick.One window bright moon illumines solitary shadow, do not sleep cloak goes alone, midnight lamp faint person is lonely, hear dog bark suddenly two or three.Night lights withered, frogs sound a month such as frost, tonight do not sleep west window memory home.The sound of the year order more, green xiling qianqiu snow, dongwu do not sleep city.Hanging west building, wanli qiankun fundus closed, door people do not see, evening sitting alone to see the river.Near dusk, swirling half hidden door, drunk in the universe more changes, a bright moon according to return.A pipa half-closed door, lights near dusk, the universe has its own according to old friends.Chest gully jiangshan moon circle, don’t say dusk half closed door.The bright moon is dim, the universe is in a dream, the door leaves are half open and the mountain is red.Alone xiu li dusk, half closed chai Fei door, not with the universe moon according to poetry soul.Cover heavy usher, a bottle of wine, drunk in the moon as lonely village qiankun.No number, love day, fast song a door laughter cry.Two close, the universe vientiane new, half open door to welcome visitors, a pot of old drunk dusk.The drizzle sprinkles the Milky Way, the door listens to the bird song, wants to ask the universe bright moon according to the hillside.A single show half closed the door, it is nearly dusk, when the universe all things according to return.A round of red sunshine universe, bright moon breeze with my body, don’t say dusk deep cover doorman.Night deep, light universe wanli heart, door people not see, a cup of muddy drunk dusk.Independent evening wine a bottle, closed the door to see the old people, qiankun Wanli wind blowing rain, the moon ever according to my heart.Bamboo hedge cottage afterglow in the evening, a pot of liquor breeze into my heart.Where there is no shelter, the moon, the breeze, the evening sky, the gate is half open and the dust is free.Breeze with me, wanli a light, closed the door alone sitting dusk several fallen.Wine is still warm, do not see the old people, the universe is vast wind blowing rain, the moon dimly according to my body.Night west wind half closed the door, lights near dusk, the universe has no need to shine on tears.When he arrived, the bright moon illuminated ancient and modern times for thousands of years.A bright moon shine on qinghui, wanli Qiankun let me fly, midnight closed the door alone to wait for your return.Dusk off the door to entertain guests, drunk in the moon according to the tower.Alone closed door, near dusk, qiankun vast vast where village.Do not say that the evening comes half-closed.Cool breeze two phase and, qiankun wanli do not ask the world of mortals, smile to sing evening song at dusk.The predecessor should hate, love is not selfless yesterday, this heart has been a begging for god.God does not do human affairs, and I have no desire to be in my own body.Nowhere, ink all meaning sad and confused, the world of bitter hate difficult, a sad tears low.Just do word poor tears full jin, worry fu Yao qin, who knows a lonely flowers deep.Don’t hesitate, laughter song beaming Yang, the wind fly thousands of miles, word poor ink to write vicissitudes of life.Language heavy hospitality open smile, love tired turned empty, the word poor pen clumsy untitled hate not to work.I want to ride the wind with tears on my cheeks, life is too short to dream with joy.Meaning appendix, ink is not dry, short life without words tears flick.Life does not know, how much laughter, to worry words poor pen again late.Difficult to meet the guest in the dream, once empty into thousands of tears, sleepless sleepless restless.Deeper person does not sleep, lone lamp alone shadow tears double hang down, empty bed toss and turn dimly hope gentleman return.Catkin fly new white tears, peach blossom falls all person difficult sleep, empty leave solitary shadow to setting sun, only dream meet not.Bitter busy, waste heartbroken, to qingtian ink tears two lines.Think of solution language, hand bitter friend, poor words pen is difficult to become a sentence, to write untitled but late.Heart tells the heart, word poor meaning tears two lines, thinking hard to wake up dream lang.Words poor ink all meaning hard to rest, new poetry strong said sorrow, bitter short life without language tears double flow.Bitter sweet and sour smile, meet speechless tears trickling down cheeks, to heart words poor dare not speak.Tears two lines, life is short a few hesitation, ink as difficult as a sentence, to write acacia and heartbroken.I wish I could not get from it, the word is poor, meaning no one knows, hard to know, only to send this language memory.Word poor ink as acacia sentence did not work, mo world speechless to the sky.Do not understand the bitter, lonely hard to say where is the time of return, word poor ink tears appendix.The sound of joy still in the ear, bitter has become smoke, the word poor ink do acacia another year.Easy to get the private desires of the world of mortals immortal, this heart if god does not pity.The world for the public regardless of the body, the country tears stained towel, selfless dedication to highlight the big lover.Lingxi proud, zuomei as free and unfettered, selfless dedication to the boat Wanli Tao.Friendship is heavy, is not light, MAO Gong’s heart a sincere.Law Sea boundless husband, elopement wealth do not lose, know how to read for public is smooth.Make beautiful talk, surging waves, selfless dedication to the true meaning of the Ship, the Journey of thousands of miles.Honest zhao Riyue, full of blood xuan Gong, selfless dedication awe-inspiring consistent law rainbow.Tianya whisper whisper of the heart, Fa Hai Cihangdu far away, I advised you to shake, elated good home.All empty without dust, selfless dedication and good reading bodhi tree, how to fear heaven false.Drawing spring map, all the vitality of the heart from the comfort, human desires less, corrupt officials law is difficult to remove.The heart is like a floating cloud, there will be hate, public like water heartless, private grace did not report to the body first death, retention Dan Chen according to faming.The government has private corruption, civil can not be incorruptible, what day haze heart wide.There is no law, the world selfless water Ming like a mirror, see gongqing and I before.Language, thousands of miles of journey bitter also sweet, poor words without good sentences, to heroic poem.Send far away, ink at a loss, life is too short to treasure, words do not shock mo heartbroken.Life is proud of mo word poor, the wind on nine heavy, bitter sweet and sour laugh product thousands of cups.The autumn wind is not difficult to know don’t language sorrow, to acacia ink empty tears flow.Amazing all feelings of health, bitter business, poor words pen zhuo aspiration can not.Tears fly, words poor meaning people did not return, thinking hard to wake up in a dream who.No good sentence, but late, bitter hate only thin film language send acacia.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art