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Dear citizens, at present, another battle of epidemic prevention and control has begun for everyone.In the face of the possible spread of the risk, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government have been fully deployed to upgrade the control measures, racing against time and tightening up, striving to cut off the channels of hidden transmission of the virus in the shortest time, and make utmost efforts to ensure the life, health and safety of every citizen.In the face of the epidemic, we are not outsiders;In the face of health, each of us is responsible, because you, guard ning.I hope the public will support and cooperate with the prevention and control measures taken by the government.For the health and safety of you and your family: first, I hope you can understand the characteristics of the omicron variant strain of rapid transmission, strong concealability, asymptomatic infected people, susceptible groups and patients with basic diseases are prone to severe illness, strengthen self-protection, and be a “responsible citizen of Nanjing”.2. You are advised not to go to cities where positive cases have been reported in the near future. If you do need to go, you should report to your community (village) and unit (or hotel) in time before departure and before return, and cooperate with the implementation of management measures upon return.If you come from other places, you should actively cooperate with information registration, home quarantine and health monitoring.Iii. Please cancel unnecessary gathering activities and slow down the pace of life. If you have plans to go to scenic spots, enjoy flowers, go for a spring outing or visit a shrine, you can temporarily adjust it.Food courts, cinemas and other crowded places have implemented the management requirements of flow restriction, reservation and peak error. If you really need to go to them, masks, temperature measurement and code check are indispensable. Keep a safe social distance of more than one meter.4. You are advised to monitor your personal health. If you have fever or respiratory infection, you should avoid contacting others.5. Please complete the entire vaccination process in time and go to a nearby vaccination site for enhanced immunization.Vi. Please continue to take good personal hygiene practices, such as washing hands frequently, wearing masks, frequent ventilation, minimizing gatherings, using chopsticks, and eating separately.We will immediately release the latest developments through official and authoritative channels.Please do not believe the Internet rumors, street rumors.Late jiangshanli, spring breeze flowers and fragrant.After last summer’s head-to-head encounter with the Delta mutant strain, we have learned that it is only by working together that we can defeat the epidemic and protect our common home.We firmly believe that every little effort of every citizen will become the most valuable “peace” force, and we will work together to win the people’s war on epidemic prevention and control.Nanjing COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters March 14, 2022
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2. Fulfill the responsibilities of the “Four Parties” to protect the peace and order of Nanjing. 3.Some of the images in this article are from the Internet.If the shared content infringes your copyright or the marked source is not the first original, please background private letter, we will review and deal with it in time