Retro Gordon Murray T.33 released

2022-04-30 0 By

The Gordon Murray T.33 supercar from Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has been officially unveiled.The new car is GMA’s second product, the positioning supercar GT, and is expected to start production in 2023 at GMA’s brand new factory in Windlesham, UK.A limited number of 100 will be sold and the car is expected to cost more than £1.37 million, or 11.68 million yuan, with an official delivery date of 2024.In terms of appearance, the design of the new car adopts the retro style similar to that of the 1960s models. The overall lines of the body are relatively rounded, including the flat intake opening at the front position, the raised wheel arch and the headlights and other designs are very simple.The new car does not use the popular sharp and aggressive design approach, which reminds us of a lot of classic sports cars.Although the design of the new car is retro, it still shows a strong modern feel in the details.For example, the design of the LED lamp group inside the headlamp of the new car has a strong sense of science and technology, and the ventilation under the headlamp is also designed to lead to the front wheel braking system, which can provide better heat dissipation conditions for the brake.The sides of the car also feature plenty of rounded lines that are aerodynamic and elegant.The new car is equipped with butterfly wing doors and roof air intakes, and is equipped with front 6 pistons, rear 4 pistons high-performance calipers.At the same time, the weight of the new car is also very extreme, the new car forged wheel rims weigh less than 7kg, the new carbon fiber frame body also makes the vehicle mass only 1090kg.In addition, the length, width and height of the new car are 4398/1850/1135mm, and the wheelbase is 2735mm, which is a relatively compact supercar.The rear design elements are not complicated, the round taillights are retro, but as a supercar, it does not compromise aerodynamics.The new car has an active, electrically controlled spoiler to provide extra downforce for the rear at high speeds, a large underside air diffuser and a mid-mounted dual exhaust layout.In terms of interior decoration, the interior design of the new car can be described as minimalist, pursuing extreme lightweight like professional racing cars.The new car has eliminated the central control screen, and the instrument also adopts the most traditional mechanical instrument. The small size LCD screen on both sides can be said to be the only design that can take care of the sense of technology in the car. It supports the interconnection function of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, including the function of turn signal and windshield wiper, which is arranged on both sides of the two LCD screens in the form of buttons.In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the same 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine as the T.50, GMA’s first model. It has a maximum power of 615 HP, a peak torque of 451 NM, and a maximum speed of 11,100 RPM.