New Year starts. What else is there to do in prison?

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So the end of the annual leave, once again began a new journey, across the ravages of destruction, toward the eternal repetition and monotonous march, stepping on the iron foot of time, fighting for the thing called freedom.New Year’s. What do they do in prison?The first thing is certainly a meeting, a variety of meetings followed, responsible for the supervision of the leadership will tell you to convergence of mind, don’t put a few days off to forget their identity, supervision and discipline needs to keep in mind, no matter what, the bottom line is not to start, but also can not be captured by monitoring.Now the cameras in prisons are all networked by the provincial Prison Administration. Once problems are found during video inspection by the provincial Prison Administration, it is not an internal conflict, and prisoners are not the only ones to be dealt with. Therefore, it is equally important to abide by regulations and avoid cameras.Leaders in charge of safety will teach two safety, one is production safety, one is supervision safety, and now seems to have another epidemic prevention safety.The most time-consuming of the long meetings is the security meeting, which involves too many aspects and the leader pays more attention to it.Safety accidents are possible, so it is necessary to ring the alarm bell.{the problem can have a chance to further talk about} about prison safety accidents, regulatory safety and production safety accidents are more likely to happen, I once had a engulfed inmates blade, poor posture is likely to be swallowed, causing the esophagus is the blade cut, outside in the hospital for more than a month, just saved their lives,This is a serious incident of self-injury and self-mutilation, which has a great impact on the prison term. Don’t ask me how I know. If it wasn’t for his announcement in the prison at the last criticism conference, I didn’t know the master was around.Production safety also happens from time to time, sewing machine needle injury hand ah, injection molding machine pressure arm what, of course, once this happens, it must be the operator in violation of the safety operation rules, this is to be responsible ~!Do not comply with the safety rules is equal to self-injury self-harm, but also to penalty points processing.The safety of epidemic prevention is to wear masks. Masks in prison are to be worn except for eating and sleeping. If they do not conform to the regulations, they will be deducted points if they are caught by surveillance cameras.During the epidemic period, it is strict to spread posts and ensure a meter distance for meals. Some people say that the New Year in prison is a table of people eating together. For such remarks, I can only laugh.Next is the production meeting, on the basis of ensuring safety, quality and quantity to complete the task is important, there is no preheating in the prison, from the beginning of the work is full task, the work the rest, who also do not speak of conditions, what’s more, there is no chance to speak of conditions.After all the meetings are over, the routine life is officially kicked off. I tidy up my station, take the materials and work with my head down.What’s the hardest thing about being in prison?Loss of freedom?Sort of.Another is repeated endlessly, just in time, and may have some curiosity to unfamiliar environment, the pressure of the heart is not in the mood to think about too many things, when everything is slowly keep up with rhythm, the surrounding scenery gradually familiar, let person collapse of repeated began, only a few tree green vegetation, even daring to count the number of branches and leaves it,The words meandering, meandering, and rugged will be removed from your life, along with the bustle, hustle and bustle.Very quiet with a very sad and repetitive cycle. To become dull to everything, your reaction gradually becomes dull, your eyes gradually lose luster, things start to very serious. Some people think that the man just came out of prison is a little silly