Xi Jinping and His mother

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The Spring Festival is coming again, “every festival times miss relatives”.At the 2015 Spring Festival reunion, General Secretary Xi Jinping recited tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao’s Poem “Wandering Son Sings” : “The loving mother holds the thread and wandering son wears clothes.Leaving dense seam, Italy fear of delay.Who made the heart-inch grass, reported in the apartments.””Father xi gave birth to me, mother Xi ju me.”Xi’s mother has always set an example and educated her children with excellent family traditions.Deeply influenced by his words and deeds, Xi has always kept in mind his mother’s advice and stayed true to his original aspiration.Two generations of Communists, writing a deep love between mother and child, the family tradition of inheritance.The ancients of the Red gene said, “Love your son, teach him to righteousness.”In Xi’s view, “Family is the first classroom of life, and parents are children’s first teachers.”Many people know Xi’s father, Xi Zhongxun, as a revolutionary of the older generation.But what some may not know is that Xi jinping’s mother Qiqi was also a battle-tested revolutionary fighter.Concerted efforts in the Taihang Anti-japanese beacon fire to participate in the revolution, in the anti-” mop-up “struggle to join the Chinese Communist Party, decades, wholeheartedly to the party, unswervingly.Xi Zhongxun once said to his children, “Your mother is an excellent Communist party member!”▲ Xi Zhongxun, Qiqi couple and their children together.His mother has set a good example for Xi.What impresses Xi Is that when he was a child, his mother carried him to a bookstore to buy the comic book The Legend of Yue Fei.”I said, ‘Stab the characters on it, how painful it will be!My mother said it hurt, but it stuck in my mind.I have always remembered the four words of loyalty to the country since then, and it is also the goal of my life.”Even after Xi started his career, his mother continued to lead by example and put into practice her original aspiration of serving the people.In June 2000, qixin came to the center of the Shaanxi-Gansu Border revolutionary base area and saw the shabby classrooms and outdated facilities of beilianghongjun Primary school. She mobilized her family to donate 150,000 yuan to rebuild the school.In May 2018, the children wrote a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting their experience of studying revolutionary history and the development and changes of the school.A week later, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the students, encouraging them to “pass on the red gene from generation to generation with practical actions”.Growing up in a revolutionary family, Xi jinping has inherited his deep red gene from his parents, established his unswerving belief in communism, and formed his loyalty to the people.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited the holy land of revolution several times. His “red footprints” have spread across the Country and “let the red gene be passed on from generation to generation” has become his repeated theme.Xi jinping’s mother Qixin is a strong woman. Even in the most difficult times, she and her children did not get depressed, but faced the ups and downs of fate and life with firm faith and optimistic attitude.In January 1969, when he was less than 16 years old, Xi went to the Liangjia River in northern Shaanxi province as an educated youth.The mother worried, concerted hands to Xi Jinping sewed a sewing bag, embroidered with three red words: mother’s heart!When Xi Went to jump the queue, his mother made him a sewing bag embroidered with the Chinese characters “Mother’s Heart”.During his seven years as an educated youth, this sewing bag embroidered with “Mother’s Heart” has always accompanied Xi Jinping.Xi did not let his mother down, not only grew up in the hard life, but also forged a deep friendship with the villagers in northern Shaanxi, and set up the ambition of “doing good things for the people”.When xi left Liangjiahe, he gave a sewing bag embroidered by his mother, “Niang’s Heart,” to zhang Weibang, a neighbor, as a souvenir. As He said, “My people are gone, but I have left my heart here.”Liangjiahe became the place where Xi Took his “first step in life”.A “mother’s heart” bears witness to the deep love between mother and son.When Xi was growing up, his mother always gave him timely advice.After Xi Jinping took up the leadership post, he wrote to him in accordance with the rules of the family, saying in earnest that “it is lonely at the top” and urging him to be more strict with himself.Qiqi convened a special family meeting and asked the other children not to engage in business activities in the field where Xi worked.Under the influence of his parents and family tradition, Xi Jinping is also very strict with himself and his family.After he became a leading cadre, he would warn his relatives and friends whenever he went to work: “You can’t engage in any business activities in the place where you work, and you can’t do anything under my banner. Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding you.”Whether he went to work in Fujian, Zhejiang or Shanghai, he made a public statement at cadres’ meetings that no one would be allowed to use his banner for personal gain and everyone was welcome to supervise.”Clean conduct, clean work” is xi Jinping and his mother’s “promise”, is also general Secretary Xi Jinping’s requirements for all comrades in the Party.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has taken the lead in strengthening party self-governance in all respects, cracking down on both tigers and tigers, improving party conduct and improving party discipline, and invigorating the Party and the people.In General Secretary Xi Jinping’s office, there is a perennial photograph of him holding his mother’s hand as they stroll leisurely through a park together.This frozen tender moment, directly to the hearts of countless people.Xi Jinping walks with his mother.Xi Jinping is very filial to his mother.Whenever he had time to have dinner with her, he would take his mother’s hand for a walk and chat with her.Xi chose to spend his rare free time with his mother.However, Mr Xi has often been unable to visit his mother on holidays since he assumed leadership.When Xi failed to reunite with his parents during the Spring Festival in 2001, his mother managed to make a phone call with him while he was working at a local government office.”As long as you do your job well, it is your greatest filial piety to your parents,” Qiqi told Xi on the phone.During the Spring Festival of 2001, Qixin talked with his son Xi Jinping in Fujian province.”Doing a good job” is the greatest filial piety. For years, Xi Jinping has kept in mind his mother’s teachings and worked hard in public life.Colleagues from his time in local posts recall Mr. Xi as a highly efficient worker, but with so much to do, he rarely took a break on weekends and worked overtime every day.”When I worked in the local area, I had to be on duty during festivals, in case anything happened,” Xi later recalled.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has been busy.His instructions, however late, were received the next morning, even at twelve o ‘clock at night.His schedule for overseas visits is often accurate to the minute. For domestic visits, he sometimes changes planes, trains and buses one after another and travels for hours in order to make a special trip to see a poor village.He measured the land of the motherland with his steps, listened to the aspirations of the people with sincerity, and carried out the oath of “I will not be myself, not the people” with concrete actions.During the Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping cares most about the people.On the eve of the Spring Festival, when the atmosphere of the New Year is getting stronger and stronger, the General Secretary, regardless of the arduous journey on the road, goes to the grassroots level to visit officials and the masses, chat with them, ask about their health and well-being, listen to the voices of the people, consult their public opinions, and send greetings for the New Year.He said, “There is no greater happiness in the world than to strive for the happiness of the people.”Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China’s economic aggregate has exceeded 110 trillion yuan, making It the second largest economy in the world.Nearly 100 million rural residents have been lifted out of poverty, making absolute poverty a historic end and creating a miracle in the history of poverty reduction.His mother’s deep advice and inculcation have been deeply imprinted on Xi’s thoughts and practice of governing the country.