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Before the Spring Festival, xiao Song, a reporter of Qianjiang Evening News, launched a “Reading Flag” (link) in the column of “Literary Goods for the New Year”.I was very interested and went to ask him specifically about the book list and his Flag: Blow a bottle of big wusu.I looked it up and it was a Xinjiang beer known as “The Big Usu of Death” – though it seemed his booklist (here are two versions of John Christopher) was even more deadly.Later, I found out that the “killing” of Big Wusu really meant “not drinking for a few days, I want to die”.In any case, it’s not too much to watch. My friends, in a few hours, you can urge Xiao Song to take his own life.Speaking of reading Flag, I was also itching at that time. I had just collected a list of books.But based on the very understanding of their own virtue, did not have the courage to set up (I have already self-aware and justified to write: New Year new Flag, why can you always not finish?.My reading plan for this year’s Spring Festival is also related to wine. It started with a big drinking event before the festival.Hungover, I started reading Mark Forsyth’s A Brief History of Drunkenness.One of the sociological experiments in the book caught my eye: handing out non-alcoholic beer without telling people about it, and then observing their “drinking” behavior.”Some of the effects that appear to be caused by alcohol are not actually caused by alcohol.If you think alcohol makes you crazy, it will make you crazy.If you think alcohol is going to make you hallucinate, it will.”Since “A Brief History of Drunkenism” deals with human evolution and the origin of civilization, I’m going to combine “The Ancient River” by Zhuoyun Xu, “The Story of Human Origin” by David Reick, and “Global History from China (Season 1)” by Duan Zhiqiang.Of course, I didn’t finish all the reading as scheduled.No Flag, but I drank a lot of alcohol over the holidays and digested “A Brief History of Drunkness” in action (if you’re interested, please share the wine list with me).Here are a few stories of drunkenness that don’t make any sense and can all be laughed off – and drinking, for the most part, doesn’t make any sense.An American, a Frenchman and a Beijinger are stranded in the desert. They pick up a bottle and let out an elf.To repay them, the genie said they would grant each three wishes.Americans go first: “A million;One million;Send me back to the United States immediately.”The Frenchman continued: “Beauty;The beauty;Send me back to France.”The Peking man finally made a wish: “Erguotou;Another bottle of erguotou;Bring them back and drink them together.”That’s a joke. Of course, all humans love wine.It’s just that, culturally speaking, Chinese spirits are less self-drinkable than western spirits.Back then, Malaysia’s primitive ape tree shrew (QU) could drink up to nine glasses of red wine without discomfort, having evolved to consume fermented palm nectar.Even before we evolved into humans, our distant ancestors were drinking alcohol.When life began to emerge about 4 billion years ago, single-celled microbes flourished in the proto-soup, sipping monosaccharide molecules and exuding ethanol and carbon dioxide.In essence, they emit beer.People are born to drink, and they’re good at it.Ten million years ago, a fairly distinct genetic mutation appeared that allowed hominins to break down alcohol almost as efficiently as a Malaysian tree shrew.It has to do with the fact that humans began to secrete a particular enzyme (ethanol-active quaternary invertase), and our ancestors were suddenly able to get all the other apes drunk.Zhang Juzhong, a professor from the University of Science and Technology of China, and McGovern, a professor from the University of California, found tartaric acid in a large number of pottery residues.The earliest known wine, found at the Jiahu site in China, dates to about 7000 BC.There is a saying that the ancient civilization is divided into “dionysian type” and “sun god type”.Han culture was originally calculated as the “god of wine” : Xia shang dynasty is drunk – pond meat forest.Kings drink, and the people drink, and they die.The Shang was inevitably defeated by a more sober state, the Zhou.The Duke of Zhou proposed “making rites and music”.The cultural DNA of Chinese people changes when they stop drinking.Last year, I went to interview Mr. Cao Jinyan, a famous Chinese paleographer. Mr. Cao told me about the characters on several bronze vessels, such as a gu, a GU (gū), and a ding (cao is painting a gu in the picture).One of the things that intrigued me in a different direction at the time was the fact that these objects were so clearly dated.The bronzes of the Shang Dynasty, even the sacrificial vessels, were mostly made of wine vessels.The wares of the Zhou Dynasty were mostly filled with grain, vegetables and meat.Archaeological excavations also confirm this: at the end of the Shang Dynasty, the number of bronze wine vessels used for sacrifice decreased dramatically.After the Shang Dynasty, people had stronger self-control when it came to drinking.People use wine for the celebration. After offering good food, the sacrificers drink to the state of ecstasy and piety, so that the ancestor spirits can communicate with them.The ceremony is said to end with the words, “The gods are drunk.”In modern China, drunkenness is often found in the liquor department, where there are various group pictures: Zhang Lixian, the publisher of no less than no less, tells a story about the drunkenness of his friend Yang Kui, a famous editor.Mr. Yang used to tell his friends, “I’ve been drinking for years and I’ve never been drunk.”Then he woke up at a drinking party and found himself in a pedicure shop.Yang Kui, a very experienced veteran soldier, immediately felt the money in her pocket first: no more, no less.”It’s great — you know, if you don’t have enough money, you might do something bad,” zhang said.What’s scarier than that is the amount of money and the unimaginable.”In the end, Miss Yang Kui returned home successfully, “no more, no less”, and her life began anew.In this matter of drinking, some are honest and some are dishonest.Most of these qualities are described for fighting wine.Documentary filmmaker Chen Xiaoqing once said that his friend, writer teacher Chun Yongxian, was a “treacherous” type.”Chun yong first said that it is very easy to put people down.”How to operate?”As soon as a person has had a drink with someone, you pick it up and have another drink with them.Mess with his rhythm and he gets drunk fast.”The whole teacher to spell wine so enthusiastic, he also drunk Chen Xiaoqing several times – Chen teacher on the spot on the vomit, the whole teacher is very happy: “see the amount of alcohol is not good?”It’s not over yet.On that day, Teacher Quan was happy to go home and celebrate, “he went back and put a bathtub of water.””When he woke up the bath was cold and woke him up.It is’ ten thousand killed, eight thousand lost ‘.””Act of Charity” Drinking alcohol to a certain extent is prone to euphoria, a person becomes very excited.Liu Ling, who drank most fiercely among the seven sages of the Bamboo forest, would take off his clothes when he drank too much, saying, “I regard heaven and earth as my house, and my house as my clothes and trousers.Why are you in my pants?”It’s all nonsense.In this respect, drinking sometimes becomes an act of social charity – letting go.So it has been.Ms. Chen once finished a drink with an executive from Phoenix TV, who was talking on the phone in a taxi.Chen Xiaoqing listened to all round the wheel.The next day the executive asked Chen, “Did I drink too much yesterday?””You seem to drink a lot.””Did I call?””Yes.””What did I say?”You say all the right things, you don’t sound drunk — ‘This is the most important moment for you, and if you make the right move, you’ll be on your way;You make a wrong move, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.'” The man slapped himself.He called his mentor, his boss and a larger leader.Regardless of personal danger more people, want to vindicate.”It is possible that people drink more in the East than in the West.”Ding Xueliang, a distinguished professor at Shenzhen University, said that in traditional Oriental societies, when people do something against the image of elegance, they usually need to be drunk as an excuse.Expression that is difficult to carry out in a sober state is easy to arrive in a drunken hallucination.”The best way to get into this state is to drink Chinese rice wine and Japanese sake.”Sake can drink for a long time, after drinking sake, can leave in the brain to continue the kind of dazed, half drunk and half awake, not to be able to from themselves, but usually dare not to express all come.The Japanese sake brewing technique is an improvement of the Chinese rice wine brewing technique – this process is not distilled, the wine retains a lot of biological and chemical substances, making people easy to head.Yellow rice wine this thing terrible, when you feel its wine strength up, often already too late;Baijiu is the opposite. When you drink baijiu, you feel the strength of the liquor. If you have self-control and don’t refill, you may have it.After drinking wine, people’s feelings are particularly abundant, easy to disregard personal danger.However, Zhang Lixian often said, especially strong feelings should not be triggered by the strength of alcohol.”Not sober of time blunt person vindicate, somebody else girl is promise you still don’t promise good?”It’s not a shiny personality anyway.Chen Xiaoqing once told a joke about a shiny young man, who also had feelings in his heart, but did not express them even after drinking a lot of wine.When the young man got on the taxi, he began to SOB and asked the driver, “Master, what do you say love is?”Driver eldest brother very calmly look back at him: “vomit car 200.”Good (hǎo) drink understand drunk crazy.But I still prefer a more civilized style.There is a very shining personality, is the famous drama producer Professor Mou Sen.As mentioned above, Miss Yang Kui went home “no more, no less”, and some of her friends in her circle went home “a little less”.It was Mr. Mou Sen.In the past, when his friends finished drinking, Miss Yang Kui often sent Mou sen home.Once did not send, sen old oneself walk back.Later on the footbridge, Senlao gave all the money in his pocket to a homeless man and went home with nothing in his pocket.Even drunkards who get drunk without disturbing others by doing nothing truly charitable are worthy of respect.One year I went to Japan with my friends, and when we arrived in Tokyo at night, we decided to go to the midnight watch.Because Chen Xiaoqing talked about the drunken Japanese men there, are midnight “each holding a tree, silently vomit.”As for myself, all the summaries and explorations about drunkenness began when I drank the drunkest wine in my life a year ago.I’m surprised. Two hours, five cocktails.Check your personality: no more, no less — no more.Wake up in a hotel, call a friend and ask, “Where am I?””Young lady, last night you big drunk, ask small elder sister to accompany you in the hotel.”I was startled: there was indeed another person in the room.I silently praise in my mind: what a nice little sister who sleeps silently.There is less.One less glass of tears.Fly — ×/√ Sleep as usual.Sleeping behind closed doors in a bar bathroom at 2 a.m.At some point in the morning – 3 or 4 o ‘clock, being dragged off the couch and repeating: Five more minutes, just five more minutes.5 a.m. : Roll on the backs of a few friends until you get into bed.I guess it’s flying. Hey.Say to a friend, “I want to make a phone call.”My friend said it was too late to call.I this wait hide head turtle, immediately a borrow slope under donkey, that don’t hit.Go back to sleep.All the plots, I said, “very well remembered.”But my friend sneered.Alas, everything still needs practice.Plato said that getting drunk is like going to the gym. The first time you get drunk you feel terrible and miserable, but practice makes perfect.If you behave properly after drinking, you are a perfect person.I still love to drink, because when I meet a friend I like, the mood is always “I can’t help having a drink with him or her.”The best drink is people.Chen Xiaoqing, whose book Zhi Wei in the World was previously titled hǎo (Best ǎo) Eats People, said, “The most delicious food is always the person you can eat with.”The title was later changed because the editor found it too scary.As Chen said, the best drink is also the egg you can drink together with the desert story has a follow-up: the French, The Americans back to the desert.As the three men walked on, they picked up another small bottle and released a smaller genie.The elf, who was weak but wanted to be grateful, said he would grant them two wishes.This time the French and Americans have learned their lesson and let the Beijingers make a wish first.One wish of beijingers, of course, is Erguotou.And the second one?”Genie, you can go back to your bottle.”This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. 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