Cold wave is coming, drivers please pay attention to these matters!

2022-04-29 0 By

According to the meteorological department forecast, dongguan will be affected by strong cold air from the night of February 18, the temperature will drop sharply, accompanied by obvious precipitation;From 19th to 22nd, it will be rainy, wet and cold, with heavy rain. The temperature drop will reach 8℃, and the lowest temperature will be 7 to 8℃.Cold rain weather is coming, dongguan traffic police for the majority of owners to prepare a safety tips, to help you drive safely and unobpatently.Safety tips: 1, before departure, please warm in cold weather, you car driver in the car after start engine at idle speed for 30 seconds to 1 minute, make the inside of the car lubricating oil pump to every part of the machine parts, parts get sufficient lubrication, to speed down to 1000 turn around, can set out gear.If it is too late to heat the car, the driver can start the vehicle, let the engine speed of less than 2000 RPM under the circumstances of low speed for a distance, so that the car fully “warm up”, and then normal driving.2, please pay attention to the car water temperature table in low temperature weather, if the original geothermal car after a minute, the car instrument still appears low temperature warning, the driver needs to keep the engine speed below 2000 RPM, keep low speed, wait for the hot car to finish, do not step on the accelerator, accelerate driving.3. Pay attention to fog removal to ensure the safety of vision Driving in low temperature weather, due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside the car, the windshield of the car is easy to produce fog, block the vision of driving.In this case, the driver only needs to turn on the air conditioner in the car and choose “front windshield defogging” to quickly defogging and ensure the safety of vision.In addition, when driving in low temperature and rainy days, the driver should open the wiper in time;When necessary, should also turn on the close light and fog lights, driving carefully.4, careful operation to prevent wheel sideslip driving in the rain, the road is slippery, so that the braking performance of the car is poor, easy to produce sideslip.When driving in rainy days, the driver should balance his hands and hold the steering wheel, keeping a straight line and driving at low speed;When turning, you should step on the brakes slowly to prevent the tires from being locked and causing the vehicle to skid.If the front wheel sideslip, should be turned in the opposite direction of the sideslip;If it is a rear wheel sideslip, to correct the side of the direction toward the sideslip, avoid by all means play 5 the opposite direction, keep a safe distance in any road width, road conditions, driving in the rain should keep a safe distance, don’t be speeding, observed at any time before and after the vehicle and the distance from your car, be prepared to take various emergency measures in advance.If you need to stop, try to slow down about 100 meters in advance, brake lightly, so that the car behind has enough emergency preparation time, to avoid collision or rear-end collision caused by excessive braking.6, do not arbitrarily speed up overtaking driving in the rain, always pay attention to the speed and direction of the car in front, never speed up overtaking because of the slow speed of the car in front.Especially on the highway, because the speed of each lane is relatively high, the driver’s perspective is narrow, and the road is wet, forced to cross the line when overtaking, slightly moving direction is very easy to cause the wheels to skid, easy to cause scratches with other vehicles, causing vehicle rollover and other accidents.