Celebrate the games | “2022 first lugouqiao both lake ice and snow sports carnival” complete packaged

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On February 4th, the “2022 First Lugou Bridge Xiaoyue Lake Ice and Snow Sports Carnival” hosted by Beijing Today Impact Sports Investment Management Co., LTD was successfully concluded.Cold, wuwei winter, cold climate, but can not stop people on ice sports like fire enthusiasm!Parent-child, children, the whole family entertainment project everything, full of childlike innocence tong Qu;It is reported that during the first Lugou Bridge Xiaoyue Lake Ice and Snow Sports Carnival in 2022, the passenger flow reached tens of thousands of people.Field not only has a single too, double bicycle, parent-child too, too, the ice ice dragon boat, yoyo on the ice, such as regular business, the organizers also organized the ice dragon boat club RACES, caused a fun game, such as a number of interactive activities, not only for the general public entertainment experience, provides the high quality ice, ice and snow culture, as well as promote the games cultureCreated a strong and warm atmosphere of the city winter Olympics.Today, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have arrived as scheduled. Let us warmly wish the Games a complete success.The smooth implementation of this activity would like to thank the guidance and support of the relevant units, they are Beijing Yongding River Management Office, Fengtai District Sports Bureau, Fengtai District Water Bureau, Lugouqiao Cultural Development Center and Wanping District Sub-district Office and other departments;At the same time, Chengze Tianxia (Beijing) Sports culture Development Co., Ltd. will implement the work in detail, under the full cooperation of all parties, the successful completion of this special event to welcome the Winter Olympics.