State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Co., LTD. : Use power big data “portrait” to help enterprises resume work and production

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The high voltage account manager is checking the operation of the electric facilities of the enterprise.Hualong network – new Chongqing client Liang Haonan take Hualong network – new Chongqing client At 10:50 on February 10 (Liang Haonan) a small computer screen, hiding the area of all enterprises in the electricity situation.February 9, Chongqing Jiangbei power supply center, electricity inspection technology Wang Yanghui staring at the computer screen, back and forth to check the key enterprises in the area of power consumption in recent days.After the Spring Festival, as enterprises in the city resumed production capacity, electricity consumption increased significantly compared with the Spring Festival period.In order to ensure the electricity demand and electricity safety of key enterprises, State Grid Chongqing Electric Establishes algorithms using massive data of marketing system to analyze the resumption of production and work of enterprises in the jurisdiction.Jun Ling electronic production workshop, the staff in their respective posts in a tense and orderly production operations.”We collect customers’ daily electric quantity through the electricity consumption information collection system every day, and compare it with the average daily electric quantity during the Spring Festival and the year-on-year electric quantity of last year.”Wang Yanghui told reporters that this can objectively and accurately reflect which enterprises resume work, and how much capacity enterprises restore.On the same day, Wang Yanghui and high-pressure customer managers visited Junling Electronics (Chongqing) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Junling Electronics”).Originally, since the resumption of work and production, the electricity consumption of Junling Electronics has been increasing, from 2500 degrees on February 5, to more than 18,000 degrees on February 6, and then to more than 30,000 degrees on February 8.In order to understand its electricity demand and ensure the safety of electricity use, Wang Yanghui and the high voltage customer manager came to the distribution room of Junling Electronics to check the operation of electrical equipment.Wang Yanghui is screening the electricity consumption of enterprises in his area.And in the production workshop of Jun Ling electronics, staff wearing masks, nervous and orderly in their respective posts to carry out production operations.Jun Ling electronic administrative department deputy manager Su Lin told reporters that at present, the production of electricity situation is normal.The workshop resumed production on February 6th, with a total of 29 production lines, 20 of which have been started and are expected to reach full production in March.There are more than 40 high-power electricity enterprises like Junling Electronics in the jurisdiction of Chongqing North Power Supply Company of State Grid.Wang said that since February 7, they have visited 13 companies in a row, and most customers’ electricity consumption is stable and the load is balanced.It is reported that since the resumption of work and production, The State Grid Chongqing Electric Power company has conducted big data screening through the electricity acquisition system. For enterprises with abnormal electricity load, it has conducted on-site inspection of the operation of electricity facilities, and put forward rectification suggestions on the problems found in time to improve the safety and reliability of enterprise electricity consumption.State Grid Chongqing Power related person in charge said that at present, the production of electricity in the area of power supply enterprises normal and stable.In the future, the company will continue to ensure the safety and stability of customers’ electricity consumption through background data screening and a series of special inspections, and help enterprises in the area to resume work and production.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)