Actual control status of Xisha Islands: After the reclamation of Xuande Islands, it becomes the Maldives of China

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Xisha Islands, which belong to Sansha City of Hainan Province, are one of the four major Islands of Nansha Qundao and the largest in the South China Sea.Xisha Islands, composed of Yongle Islands and Xuande Islands, are located in the center of Dongsha Islands and Hainan Island, Nansha Island and Zhongsha Islands on the Chinese mainland. Xisha Islands are the crossroads of shipping lanes in the South China Sea where China meets Indo-China Peninsula, Nanyang Islands and countries bordering the Indian Ocean.More than 40 island, island, reef, beach, sand is relatively concentrated distributed in vast areas of more than 50 square kilometers, the xisha islands rich tourist resources type, characteristic, good quality, beautiful environment, with its tropical oceanic and island character is famous for its unique scenery, as a typical representative of tropical Marine and island tourism resources in China, its jintong islands known as the “maldives” of China.Maldives as an island country in the Indian Ocean, its tourism, shipping and fisheries have become the three pillar industries of the Maldives.In addition to the painstaking management of its government and tourism management departments, it is inseparable from its unique natural resources that it has been able to win the title of the annual tourist attractions punch card king for many years.With 1,192 coral islands and 26 groups of natural atolls, Maldives has never lacked glory and reputation — “The garland of the Indian Ocean”, “The Best Tourist destination in the Indian Ocean”, “The Land of Thousand Islands”…Compared with the maldives, China’s Xuande Islands have an aura of exclusivity and mystery.Xisha Islands is China’s maritime border defense, many of the islands are stationed on the military police, guarding a military base, the island personnel need to undergo strict examination, coupled with the tourism infrastructure development is not perfect, beautiful scenery, but also a bit of indecent play of isolation.However, in recent years, both China and the international community have been very fond of tropical island tourism resources, and it is gradually difficult to hide the bright light of a few pearl. As an island group controlled by China, whether Xisha Islands have the potential of being a tourist resort requires a comprehensive evaluation of its island tourism resources.Overseas island tourism resource evaluation started earlier. Since 1985, it has tried to start from cultural environment, climate characteristics, infrastructure, tourism policy, hotel industry and many other factors. Maldives, at that time, was selected as the king reserve among 265 coastal island tourism destinations in Europe and America.Xisha Xuande Atoll consists of three atolls, namely Dongdao Atoll, Xuande Atoll and Spoondrift Atoll, and one submerged reef. Dongdao Atoll includes two islets, Namely Gaojianshi and Dongdao, with a total of fourteen islands.Xuande Atoll consists of twelve islets, namely, North Island, Middle Island, South Island, Zhaoshu Island, Middle Shazhou, Nansha Island, North Shazhou, Xixin Shazhou, Dongxin Shazhou, Yongxing Island and Shidao.Xisha Shande Islands tourism is now in the preliminary development stage, the main project is island tourism.The bright sun, white beaches, clear waters, various odd holes on the island and reef, yongxing island – shidao grooves, caves and disk landform viewing, even seven lantau island such as sea turtles and sea turtle eggs are available for viewing, Lincoln is near the atoll of boobies nature reserve can also see the boobies and all kinds of rare birds, birds’ eggs, even peculiar bird droppings resources.Second, the main tropical fish farms in China, xuande islands recorded important or rare Marine species is more, such as tortoise shell, dolphins, whales and killer whales, green turtles, Pacific turtles, the Chinese white dolphins, false killer whale, tabby baby, humpback whales, nacre and other Marine creatures, more has the rare seafood such as the “king of the sea cucumber” thelenota ananas.Xisha Shande Islands thus won the title of “turtle, shellfish, fish, coral Marine life paradise”.More than 400 species of oceanic and coral reef fish have created excellent conditions for recreational fishing.Major fish such as flying fish, grouper, red fish and tuna, as well as major seafood such as abalone, sea cucumber, pearl and shellfish, are huge attractions for mainland Chinese tourists.The fishing methods of islands are mainly divided into two categories: fishing in the sea by boat and fishing near shore.According to the geographical conditions in the reef area can be set up suitable bait trawling trial fishing, longline fishing trial fishing, reef fence fishing, hand fishing trial fishing and other activities, so that tourists can fully enjoy the fun of recreational fishing.Moreover, to carry out high-end tourism activities with large luxury cruise Tours as the main content is also a tourism project xuande Islands is planning.In recent years, the cruise in the form of the leisure resort tourism into the Chinese people’s field of vision, such as “festivals xisha supreme taste swim”, “Lincoln is atoll science adventure”, “XuanDeHuan reef fun adventure”, folk custom culture north reef fisheries “fully integrated tourism industry, transportation, sightseeing and leisure large projects.For example, the fun tour of Xuande Atoll is arranged on 10 islands of Qilian Island, and the tour routes are Dongxin Sha Zhou — Xishin Sha Zhou — Nansha Island — Middle Sha Zhou — North Sha Zhou — South Island — Middle Island — North Island — Zhaosu Island — West Sha Zhou.This edge tourism project is more suitable for several islands with similar island characteristics compared with various types of land sightseeing. From a distance, the white sand of North Shozhou shines, the sandbank landform is obvious, nansha Island and South Island have strange shapes, which are suitable for sightseeing.When arriving at the North Island station, visitors will be guided to the small stone temples and temporary fishermen’s houses on the island, where they can feel the flavor of local fishermen’s life.End of the north Island, to the next stop Zhao Shu Island.As an island close to the Chinese mainland, Zhaoshu Island has more abundant and complete tourism projects, specially built “Xisha Island Submarine Park” — fishing, diving, visiting coral reefs and coral groups, catching horseshoe snails, starfish and sea cucumbers and other interesting entertainment activities.If you are tired of the sea breeze, you can also explore Dongdo atoll and Kojima.High Spire is a volcanic island in the South China Sea islands – the extinct volcano, seen from 50m isobath, is a cone-shaped underwater volcano, the apex of which is high spire.If you bring children, you can listen to the tour guide to explain the island’s unique national aquatic germplasm resources conservation area, volcano science knowledge;For young and middle-aged people who love adventure, underwater submarine viewing conical volcano, desert island survival, military extreme challenge and other sports are also unique in high sharp stone special rock mine and steep four walls.In terms of climate characteristics, Xuande Islands have superior climate conditions. As a tropical sea area, the surface water temperature ranges from 29.7 ℃ to 30.2℃. There is no significant difference in surface water temperature around the islands, and the mixing effect of upper and lower layers is only within 1.1℃, and the range of change is hardly observable.As for the market status of Xuande Qundao, it has significant advantages for Chinese tourists. First, as an island group under the actual control of China, the geographical distance and tourism budget of Xuande Qundao are more friendly than maldives, Bali, Saipan and Mauritius.Secondly, Hainan Island is the only place in China that can carry out tropical island tourism, and its tourism resources are monopolized and unique in China.In recent years, the reclamation of Xuande Islands has been accelerating, and many tourists are in high spirits. Some even say: “With The Qianli Stone Pond, who will go to the country of Thousand Islands’ jiaozi ‘?”As a tropical island still under development, Xuande Islands are highly representative. As a new island tourism destination in China, its rise is bound to divert tourists from maldives and other old tourist resorts. However, a comprehensive comparison between the two places shows that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the waves ahead have great momentum.A tourist once described the Maldives as “99 percent clear water and 1 percent white sand.”Some people like exotic scenery, while others like their own homeland. If you want to compete in potential analysis, it is necessary to study the efforts of late carving.The main activities of the Maldives include banana boating, surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, recreational fishing and more. What is the secret of the Maldives’ enduring success from 1972 to 2022?Like a charming wife, the Maldives takes great pains to maintain its tourism resources.Scientists predict that sea levels around the world will rise by an average of one metre over the next century as the greenhouse effect warms the atmosphere.For a while, there was a lot of talk, and some climatologists said that the Maldives, like the lost Atlantis, would become an eternal phantom.Since then, Maldives has paid special attention to global climate and environmental issues, actively promoted participation in relevant international conferences, and signed a number of international conventions, including the Protocol on the Protection of Marine Life, the Convention on Climate Change and Biological Diversity, and the Protocol on the Protection of Marine Life.At the same time, the Maldives government has deeply realized that tourism is a fragile industry, so it has formulated a series of strict environmental protection laws.For example, cooking in hotel rooms is banned and offenders can be fined up to $5,000.Fishing, fishing and coral trampling are banned on the island, and offenders can also be fined up to $5,000.Not to mention the prohibition of littering, Shouting and noise on the island.Looking at xuande Islands, “Qianli Shitang”, there is no doubt that in the initial stage of tourism development, it was controversial due to many adverse factors such as fragile ecological environment, complex geographical relations and sudden disaster risk.On the ecological sensitivity of Xuande Islands.Xuande islands reef area is small, generally low altitude, but Lincoln is atoll high rod as volcanic rock, the rest of the island for coral island, island is composed of shell debris and corals crumbs, although most of the islands, lush vegetation, but there are still a number of islands have no soil and vegetation coverage – west shoal and bar, etc., north is sand and gravel beach.No permanent tourist facilities can be constructed on sandbanks, which may be inundated by the sea during storm surge or high tide.As there are more than 10 islands with weak ecological carrying capacity, most fishermen live on Yongxing Island and Zhaosu Island.Both islands have simple hospitals to deal with sudden injuries, but they are still poorly equipped for more serious food poisoning or emergencies.Therefore, cruise tourism is not suitable for xuande Islands with scattered islands, rather, because the ecological environment of Xuande Islands is fragile, which cannot carry a large number of tourists to live on the island, even for a short stay, so Xuande Islands developed the tourism development direction of “upstream of the island, living off the island”.Meanwhile, cruise travel is expensive and still out of reach for most tourists.Second, the political sensitivity of Xuande Islands.Xisha Islands, including Xuande Islands, have always been shrouded in mystery as “military forbidden territory”, which is closely related to the geographical location and strategic position of the South China Sea and the special history and status quo of the surrounding relations.Third, xuande Islands is sensitive to the risk of natural disasters.Xuande Islands is located in the low-latitude tropical region. Except for February and March, all other months of the year are affected by tropical cyclones. It is one of the most severely affected areas in China with frequent typhoons.An average of seven to eight typhoons affect the Xuan Tak Islands each year.During tropical cyclones, the waters around the Paracel Islands often experience storm surges and high waves, which threaten marinas, harbors and other tourist facilities.Second, there are also aggressive wildlife on land, such as cobras and bees, which need to be considered, though not in large numbers.If extensive tourism development is to be carried out, it is necessary to establish a complete Marine disaster early warning system in Xuande Qundao to ensure the safety of life and property of islanders and tourists, and to monitor, analyze and forecast Marine disasters around Xisha Qundao.Attention should be paid to the development of Marine tourism resources in Xuande Islands, and it should be combined with the grand undertaking of local fishermen to get rid of poverty and get rich, so that local fishermen can form a friendly service atmosphere of “tourists come first” in the construction of tourism.They live in low shacks with walls of grayish brown coral stone, roofed with the largest double shell tridacna beidacna in the ocean.At the same time, the blue plastic bucket with the owner’s name has become a living mark for fishermen. People rely on the blue plastic bucket with the capacity of dozens of catties to hundreds of catties to catch rain water.When it rains, the water drips down, and some of it is used for drinking, and some of it is saved for washing — the water that people wash in the sea and then use for a second rinse — and when the water is tight, they wash in the sea whole.Maldives can be said to be the most successful model of tourism environment capacity control in the same type of island tourism development. Xuande Islands is mysterious, but compared with Maldives, island land area is smaller, geopolitical relations are more complex, ecological environment is more fragile, and political sensitivity is higher.Although Xisha Islands is listed as an important part of the “Maritime power” strategy, it is undeniable that its tourism environmental carrying capacity will be weaker than Maldives for a long time in the future, and the supply guarantee, transportation, emergency rescue and infrastructure construction still need to be improved.References: Marine Fishery Resources Survey of Xisha Islands;Oceans and Fisheries;Discussion on the Development of Cruise Tourism in Xisha Islands, Issue 02, 2016;Ocean Development and Management;2014, 03