The first winter holiday after the “double reduction”, tianjin primary and secondary school students have a full and creative life

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The first winter holiday after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, tianjin primary and secondary school students how to spend it?Five integration of education, home-school co-education, rich activities…The city’s primary and secondary schools help “double reduction” with diversified activities, improve the quality of winter vacation with creative courses, adhere to the integration of five education, let the children have a rich and creative winter vacation.This winter holiday, students at Tianjin No. 42 Middle School received a different assignment.”This winter holiday we have arranged a rich and colorful moral education for quality education activities, comprehensive quality education categories, subject classes less content, national defense education, traditional culture, physical exercise and other humanities, art, interesting homework increased.Liu Ying, director of the school’s moral education department, told reporters that before the holiday, the school sent the students the winter holiday moral education for quality education arrangements, such as the traditional Chinese characteristic course holiday to strengthen the practice of calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, paper cutting, guzheng, opera, tea art, combined with the school after-school quality development curriculum extension.I love my hometown, tell and praise the people and things around me who are fighting against the epidemic, and actively strengthen physical exercise to fight the epidemic.During the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, we will carry out practice activities with the theme of “Our Festival”, dig out the excellent traditional cultural connotation of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of festivals.Home and school co-education to pay attention to students’ mental health, drawing tiger tiger unthreatening hand copy newspaper.”Our homework has a strong Lunar New Year flavor.”Seven year class 3 student Wang Yidan said, she drew the tiger tiger shengwei hand copy newspaper, with color pen on the paper to draw a variety of patterns, every one is vivid, beautifully designed and illustrated hand copy newspaper is full of wisdom and blessing.Like Wang, many students at the school experience the profound cultural heritage of the Spring Festival by cutting paper-cuts, writing Spring Festival couplets and making lanterns.Through dusting, cleaning glass, making dumplings, etc., in the thick taste of the New Year practice labor education, feel the traditional Chinese New Year customs and happiness brought by labor.Hexi District Pingshan Road primary school according to the age characteristics of pupils, prepared a winter holiday colorful practice menu, set up labor practice, reading practice, music practice, art practice, creative practice, sports practice activities.”We according to the physique and lowe prepared personalized winter vacation activities for students, for each grade of students to tailor the task list, winter vacation is to through fun activities, let children ‘house’ winter vacation home move, to cultivate the children in the life thinking, observing, summarizes various ability, constantly harvest and growth.”Pingshan Road primary school principal Han Hongtao said.Reporter interview found that pingshan Road primary school this personalized winter vacation practice menu has been favored by many students.”I add a dish to the New Year’s Eve dinner” “tell athletes’ stories to help the Winter Olympics”…During the Spring Festival, the children showed their love for family, Tianjin and country in their own way.Some of them write Spring Festival couplets with their families, some record Spring Festival folk customs by hand, and some create allegro to celebrate the New Year.On the second day of the Chinese New Year, Zhang Yangyi, a student of class 4, grade 4 of the school, came to her grandparents’ house with allegro. He opened the way with allegro: “The bamboo clappers sound like heaven, I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, happy Year of the Tiger, good health, happy life and smile…”In the clear sound of bamboo, lang Lang’s laughter and applause, the family made the family more integrated.Source: Jinyun