Married in 1996 “qing Ge ge” actor for his wife, put a mansion next to the Forbidden City do not live, partial immigration abroad

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When we talk about Wang Yan, there are always people joking that she only had two representative works in her life: one is the popular “Return of Pearls Princess”, wang Yan played qingge wen wan moving, let people enchanted, the second is her billionaire husband Wang Zhicai.In people’s description, Wang Yan became a utilitarian selfish person who went out of the circle by virtue of her role and then married into a rich and powerful family. In fact, when she married Wang Zhicai, she was still a little transparent in the circle. The encounter with Wang Zhicai was completely two sympathetic people attracted each other and warm each other.Compared with Wang Yan’s popularity, Wang Zhicai’s status is more noble. His mother was the princess of the last feudal dynasty, and she is also known to us as “Ge Ge”. Wang Zhicai has royal blood.However, such a lineage did not add much to his life. With the fall of the Qing Dynasty, Wang zhicai and his mother lived a very poor life, and were often discriminated against because of their status.Wang Zhicai in such a depressed environment, gradually become a real estate and catering industry tycoon, completely cast off the bondage of identity, his life is more wonderful than film and television plays.Wang Zhicai was born in Beijing in 1963, at a time when China had successfully completed its struggle against imperialism and feudalism. As a descendant of the royal family, Wang zhicai’s growth attracted much attention.Many people want to see, once enslaved people, without the blessing of the royal family, without superior environment, can live better than ordinary people?Since zhi-cai wang has memory, the home is always a pair of poor appearance, mother in such an environment never low proud head, accused of outsider, mother will be more strict, has been taught zhi-cai wang, not as an outsider of blame and self-pity, more don’t cry because it is at that time was down and out, let yourself fall down, always ready,Opportunity is the one that passes by.Even so, Wang zhicai is not always proud of the reality of his predicament.After graduation, Wang Zhicai worked as an ordinary maintenance worker in a watch factory. The daily boring and repetitive work and the complaints of people around him made him doubt whether his life would be spent in such an ordinary and plain life.Only when there is no one, the light in Wang Zhicai’s eyes will twinkle again, always paying attention to the changes of national policy, hoping to find a breakthrough in such a development tide.It has to be said that Wang Zhicai’s idea was right. At that time, China was in a state of exhaustion, and many young talents were heading for Hong Kong.Only, put into action, people are facing two extreme results, or lose all their capital, return to the countryside in disgrace, smooth life;Or become the dragon of the people, and become the envy of the rich.The idea that Wang Zhicai had been dormant for so long and was finally ready to take this express train was laughable among the staid maintenance workers. Even Wang zhicai’s mother disapproved of her son’s adventure.However, the years of education have instilled in Wang zhicai an unwillingness to accept others, whether ordinary or royal, and he is in need of a chance to prove that he is not mediocre.So, one night, Wang Zhicai left a letter, then set foot on the bus to Hong Kong.When he came to Hong Kong, Wang Zhicai found that the reality is more difficult than imagined. He is a genuine Beijinger who does not speak Cantonese. How can he make a living in Hong Kong?In order to solve this problem, Wang zhicai made several friends. They worked together, lived together and learned from each other every day.Over time, Wang Zhicai really found a way to make a fortune in such a life, he does not need too much start-up capital, only need to run among the rich, for them.The arrogant feeling that Wang Zhicai and workshop worker are incompatible in former days became the sharp weapon on his on-the-job field, he relies on powerful personality charm, attract many rich businessman to invest quickly, also attract oneself first wife.As the wife of a rich woman, not only gave Wang Zhicai business support, but also gave birth to his first son. Wang Zhicai showed superior business skills at this time. After several rounds of investment and cash, he became a real estate tycoon in a very short period of time.Mr. Wang hasn’t forgotten his hometown, either, and he’s determined to expand his business into Beijing, acquiring the cafeteria in Wangfujing and the Century Apartments next to the Forbidden City.Once right foot equipped with luxury swimming pool, garden of a full range of facilities such as a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, its value is not can use money to measure, this place does not become zhi-cai wang one of real estate projects, but he used for ordinary residential, it is conceivable that zhi-cai wang in the heart of Beijing the relationships of how deep it is.But despite his affection for Beijing, Wang zhicai chose to move to Australia.After all, Wang zhicai knows that leaving his comfort zone is the most effective way to advance his career as a businessman as well as a royal.While Immersing himself in expanding his business empire, wang zhicai’s wife and son gradually become resentful. Although Wang has fully demonstrated his ability as a businessman, he has forgotten that he is also a husband and father.Years of busy, let his wife and his heart, not long, the two decided to separate.Separated from his ex-wife, Wang zhicai focused entirely on his career, and when his son was seven, he was arranged by a friend to try out a romantic relationship with a woman, Wang Yan, who was working in an art troupe.This period, Wang Yan has not become famous, she originally thought, he will stand on the stage all his life, do a nobody, accept the teacher arranged blind date, but is due to the affection.At that time wang Yan came out very wenwan, personality and appearance as gentle, such an image of the harvest of Wang Zhicai’s heart, only seen one side, Wang Zhicai launched a fierce pursuit of Wang Yan offensive.At that time, Wang Yan also does not know what is sitting opposite is the big crocodile of real estate group, she is unusually shy, to Wang Zhicai’s enthusiasm feel at a loss what to do, after all, the age difference of 11 years is not easy to ignore.When be informed the identity of Wang Zhicai, Wang Yan besides surprised beyond, more is doubt and disdain, a much gold man pursues him, besides money beyond, can he still take out more enough to move the thing of a person?In fact, Wang Zhicai did, in the pursuit of Wang Yan in the process, he paid absolutely not limited to money.He shows the charm of a mature man and does everything for Wang Yan himself. When he learns that Wang Yan is ill, he drops everything and goes to the hospital himself.This one pay, and how many young talent can do it.How many people who have love can not have bread, with bread can not take into account love, rather than waiting for a teenager to grow up and push themselves into a poor situation, it is better to get married with a mature man, as time goes by, Wang Yan began to put down her own preconception, close contact with Wang Zhicai.The couple registered their marriage in Australia in 1996 after a period of intense love.Happy time is not long, 1997, the outbreak of the financial crisis, Wang Zhicai’s career was a huge impact, if Wang Yan really only covet his wealth background, can leave in her husband’s disastrous, but Wang Yan still adhere to the responsibility as a wife, no matter how the situation is not willing to leave Wang Zhicai.Two people warm each other, hand in hand through this period of difficulties, it is this period of experience, let Wang Zhicai firmly believe that the present person is the best person.After the financial crisis, Wang Zhicai gave wang Yan a mansion near the imperial city as a gift of gratitude to his wife.Her husband’s career crisis just lifted, wang Yan’s crisis just formally began, because a few years ago Wang Zhicai was busy with work, did not personally teach the growth of his son, now the son became a everyone’s eyes “black sheep”.After Wang Yan walked into the house, she inevitably faced the problem of how to be a stepmother.In with her husband and ex-wife’s children, Wang Yan felt very helpless, when their children were born with Wang Zhicai, her life is a chicken.Wang yan’s relationship with her two children was exposed on a TV show, and even though Wang yan tried to communicate with them, the two children were not happy.The eldest son is always repulsive of the identity of stepmother, and the biological son is always angry because of trifles.Many netizens who do not know the inside story joke wang Yan: she played a role, became famous, married a rich husband, but still can not teach their children, no status in the rich family.In fact, how many people can calmly accept the fact that others are happier than they are?Although many people complained about Wang Yan’s marriage to a husband 11 years older than her, they did not shake their determination to stay together.After all, people only criticize Wang Zhicai for his age and cover up his shining points with such comments as “isn’t he rich?”, which is a practice of hiding one’s ears and stealing the bell. Before seeing his achievements, we should see Wang Zhicai’s spirit of not willing to lag behind.While all the others wanted to live safely in the factory with an iron rice bowl for the rest of their lives, Wang Zhicai never indulged in immediate comfort, but spent all his money and went to Hong Kong alone to forge a future. Such courage and courage are not common people can do.At the end of the article, when we evaluate Wang Yan’s love for Wang Zhicai’s money, we should also see her spirit of sharing adversity with her husband. No matter how rich she is, Wang Yan is also a mother and a wife. Should we give her a little consideration for others?