CBA second stage strength ranking: two teams first, Guangdong team xinjiang team tied for the fourth

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In the first stage of CBA, the foreign aid of each team basically did not return to the team, except Shanghai team and Shenzhen team have foreign aid bonus, many teams have not reached the position of foreign aid.As a result, the strength and record of each team in the first stage are not the most real embodiment.With the second stage, each team foreign players return to the team, the team strength tends to be stable, THE CBA launched a number of fierce contests, also make the CBA full of gunpowder, at the same time more enjoyable to watch.For example, liao Sanning and Han Dejun suffered facial fractures, Zhao Yanhao’s teeth were knocked out, Shen Zijie’s mouth was cracked and so on, which was hard to imagine in the first stage.In the second stage each team only played 15 games, two more than in the first.So what are the teams’ records in the second 15 games?How do they rank?Let’s take a look.In ninth place, The Team is 0-15. With 14.1 points and 7.3 rebounds per game, the team couldn’t get a win even in the second period.Even ningbo, the new CBA team, couldn’t beat it.That led to a change of manager, but it didn’t help.Fortunately, defenders like Wang Zirui, Wang Xu and Wu Tingjia, who played well in the last four games, are gradually taking on the responsibilities of the team.Wu scored 24 points against Liaoning and 17 points, six rebounds and eight assists against Xinjiang, showing a flair for three-point shooting.Eighth, Ningbo and Jiangsu 1-14 Ningbo only won jiangsu in the second phase, Jiangsu only won Ningbo.The two teams rallied to win a precious victory.Avoid a second phase of total failure.Jiangsu, with all the Chinese and wu injured, can’t be blamed for losing like this, but Ningbo have two foreign players, but foreign players Trott III and Vladimir are not good.Vladimir had 17.8 points and 13.7 rebounds, but his offensive performance was mediocre.7th, Fujian, Qingdao 4-11 fujian in the second phase performance or can let the team see hope, but Qingdao in the second phase of the double foreign aid, ranking has dropped from the 13th to the 16th, people can’t understand.Although Gordon in Fujian averages 41.1 points and 10.9 assists per game, he is stuck in the mode of singles and cannot extricate himself. The team often plays with four players. Chen Linjian, the three-point shooter, averages only 16.4 points per game.Fortunately, Li Yi Yang is averaging 6 assists per game, gradually carrying the organization of the team.Qingdao Wells and Johnson also need to shoulder more responsibility, gao Shiao 2.1 blocks per game in the second phase of the opportunity to get few, hopefully he can continue to contribute to the team.Sixth-sichuan 7-8 Sichuan welcomed foreign aid Hadadi at the second stage, helping our team obviously by liberating zhu Songwei’s pressing defense at the offensive end.The 30-something Haddadi is averaging 15.9 points, 13.9 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game.Sichuan only had 3 victories in the first stage, but our performance in the second stage is very satisfying.The second stage of the North Control team performed in the normal, Liao Sanning gradually became the team’s core point guard, but Zhang Fan and Liao Sanning injured successively, so that the North Control team was greatly hurt.Marbury also expressed regret for Liao Sanning’s facial fracture, calling him the team leader.North control team has been in the injury of Li Gen also lost patience, after cutting Li Gen, I am afraid there will be a big move.The fifth, Tianjin team, Shanxi team, Guangzhou team, Shenzhen team 8 wins 7 losses this group of teams up to 4, among them Tianjin team performance is particularly eye-catching.After introducing double small foreign aid, tianjin team formed with Lin Tingqian, Burton and Rochester as the core of the rear three points brigade!The trio can hit 8.4 3-pointers per game, and the team averages 12.8 3-pointers per game, topping the CBA.He scored 38.4 points on 3-pointers, including 21 against the championship-level Beijing Ducks, which left Jeremy Lin and other NBA-level players stunned.Later in the regular season, I believe this team can create more surprises for everyone.Shanxi shocked all the giants of CBA by winning 7 consecutive games at the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second period.Yuan shuai’s three-point shooting state has become a barometer of the team’s state.This season’s rise of Xing Zhiqiang, Ge Zhaobao and Zhang Ning will also help Shanxi team to achieve better results.Guangzhou is also in good shape, with main player Chen Yingjun averaging 19.9 points and 10 assists, including 26 points and 22 assists against Shandong, and adding 17 assists for the third straight game to put Guo In the dud.The team’s foreign players Mason and Leaf also played well, each averaging more than 20 points per game and helping the team with rebounds and assists.Shenzhen team also reflects a very good thickness, even if it is the case of Shen Zijie injured, there are young people to stand up.As many as 10 players on the team averaged more than six points per game.Fourth, Jilin team, Xinjiang team, Shandong team, Beijing team, Guangdong team 9 wins 6 losses up to 5 teams tied for the fourth place.It can be seen that the STRENGTH of CBA teams is getting closer and closer, and it is becoming more and more difficult to win a game, and the degree of competition is becoming more and more intense.Xinjiang rose in the second stage, beating the mighty Liaoning team and winning 12 games from 3!The winning percentage shot up by almost 20%!Most of the credit goes to outside aid Mike Moore, who is a monster inside, averaging 27.4 points and 14.8 rebounds per game.Abdusalam also continued his strong performance in the first phase, while Qi Lin gradually found his form.Jilin team also gradually out of Jones “one man play four people look at the tactical mode, Jones average only 21.9 points, much lower than last season 38.2 points.His minutes have also been reduced.Accordingly, Kang weizek is gaining momentum, scoring 36 points on nine 3-pointers in a game this season.He’s averaging 3.6 3-pointers per game, tied with Yuan for the most in the country.Shantong team with the addition of Hudson, the team offensive end has a more stable output, Tao Hanlin continuation of the first phase of the good state.Although Ding Yanyuhang has not come back from injury, but shandong team has the strength to beat Shanghai team.With the addition of Jeremy Lin and Kwame Brown, Beijing has seen steady output on the offensive end.Lin’s performance is also picking up.But the team is facing a bottleneck, it is difficult to make big progress, the aging of the players is also more serious.Guangdong has not shown the strength of a champion team this season, while Hu Mingxuan has struggled.Of course, the team’s core foreign aid has not returned to the team, coupled with weems by the suspension of the storm, Yi Jianlian’s state is also more general, Zhao Rui also caught in family and injury troubles.Only Xu Jie and other people’s performance is stable.Third place, guangsha team 11 wins 4 losses guangsha team solitary power ranking third.But Sun minghui gradually showed his pride, repeatedly sparring with opponents and not concentrating on the court, which also affected his performance.If you want to rise from the ashes and gain absolute championship strength, you need to overcome the psychological barrier.Second, Zhejiang 12-3 Zhejiang team was relatively successful in the second stage, but the attention was paid to yu Jiahao’s playing time was severely limited, and was affected by injury.If Zhejiang is to go further, it’s not just Wu who needs to improve his efficiency, but also young players like Yu Jiahao who need to get more opportunities.The first, Liaoning team, Shanghai team 13 wins 2 losses of these two innocuous, but also to the team sounded the alarm, is the team is facing injury, how to solve the attack problem?This is the most important realistic problem in front of Yang Ming.Shanghai team is on the rise, the performance is not stable, especially young players Guo Haowen and Li Tianrong, foreign aid Franklin’s performance is not stable, and the big foreign aid Feng Lai is easy to fall into the single mode can not extricated themselves.The problems that test Li chunjiang are far from truly resolved.Shanghai team is the most perfect combination of the new generation players and the Mesozoic players. I hope Shanghai team can play a more beautiful “combination” in the next match.The latest achievements and technical statistics of each team