As the first snow in the Year of the Tiger continues until tomorrow, Beijing traffic authorities have warned against “ground armor wearing” at night.

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Snow covered the streets of Beijing last night and early this morning.Beijing municipal meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning message last night after road icing, traffic management departments timely launched the snow weather traffic relief plan, to ensure the normal operation of social traffic.According to the municipal Traffic Management Bureau, the order around the winter Olympics venues and relevant traffic arteries is normal, and the police have strengthened their guard, focusing on the guidance and maintenance of the routes for Olympic vehicles.At 3 o ‘clock in the morning, yanqing took the lead in snow, around 4 o ‘clock, most parts of the city have snow.Since this morning, more than 4,300 police have been on duty to provide emergency support for snow traffic.Traffic teams will increase snow traffic security posts on expressways, ring roads, expressways, overpasses, urban main roads, major national roads and mountain roads, and simultaneously strengthen road patrol and video patrol to timely detect and deal with traffic accidents and other emergencies.Especially for the beijing-Tibet, Beijing-Cheng-Beijing, Beijing-Ping expressways, 110 national highway and other key areas, strengthen road inspection.The road traffic police said that once there are hidden problems such as snow and ice on the road, temporary control measures will be taken according to the actual situation of the road. Police and auxiliary police will also coordinate and cooperate with relevant functional units to clear snow and shovel ice.At the same time, the traffic management department of the remote accident processing center to increase the police on duty, at any time to answer the accident alarm phone, guide the remote disposal of accidents, strengthen the traffic accident fast clearance fast place.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the Winter Olympic Games, the traffic management department not only coordinated with the ice shovel and snow removal department to strengthen the cleaning work around the venues, but also focused on strengthening the dredging and maintenance of the Olympic vehicle traffic routes.It is understood that up to now, the city’s traffic is running smoothly, the Olympic special lanes are smooth, the highways, ring road trunk overall road condition is good, not found snow and ice.According to the meteorological department forecast, the snow will continue until tomorrow.As night falls, the temperature drops.The road surface is prone to snow and ice, the traffic management department reminds the general public, to pay special attention to part of the district road, overpass location may appear “to wear armor” phenomenon, driving to control the speed, driving and bicyclists should pay attention to observe the road situation, in order to timely respond to emergencies.Source: Beijing daily client process editor: | reporter enron U022