Enjoy the sunshine in early spring!And coffee.

2022-04-24 0 By

Enjoy the sunshine in early spring!With coffee, it’s spring with a festive atmosphere.The beautiful moments of spring are so desirable!The fast pace of the city, every day is as busy as ever.But I’ve learned to balance work and life and enjoy the small comforts of the day, like walking out of the office on a sunny afternoon with a frozen Starbucks red cup from the convenience store.Sunshine makes you more productive!The treasure, which I found at a convenience store early this month, comes in five different flavors.I bought it and tasted it!My favorite is the toffee hazelnut Latte. The same coffee extract from the store has a balanced flavor. The toffee and hazelnut aroma is layered with fresh raw milk.Just the right rich coffee flavor with milk flavor frozen lock original fresh taste!For coffee taste more picky people is also good to drink!Today’s outfit is also the lunar New Year’s favorite color match with a pair of soft muffler snow boots is warm happy day!