During the Spring Festival, how do restaurant owners select high-quality food shop scouts?Do it the right way and you win

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In recent years, the catering market in Guanzhong has developed rapidly, and the business model has been constantly updated and iterated. The catering category has become more and more subdivided, and several catering businesses of the same category often appear in the same business circle. For example:Guangzhou Pearl River New City business circle on a Sichuan-Chongqing hotpot category at the same time unexpectedly six, but the name is different, and each hotpot restaurant early investment is basically about 3 million, for example: Guangzhou Zengcheng district a commercial street on a tea beverage category of large and small milk tea shop at the same time unexpectedly 8.In the face of such a competitive market, almost every boss knows only through increasing store online exposure, guests can get more flow drainage to store experience, therefore, food store’s this career arises at the historic moment, they live through, short video or graphic presentation of three, just meet the needs of the cafe owner.If you want to cooperate with food explorers, you should first solve the three basic problems of restaurant survival. (1) The taste and weight of dishes should be stable, and the price of menu layout should have anchoring effect.(2) The service quality reaches the standard, for example:Can control the menu, the service personnel must know clearly the characteristics of the specialty, how to eat spicy and not spicy food guest recommended dishes, the service’s words and body language properly (before I come into contact with a lot of service of the restaurant use four words describe “simple, rough,” a lot of guests so they won’t come) (3) the dining environment clean and tidy, and items on display in order.These three elements form the lifeblood of every restaurant, and they are mutually reinforcing. Any failure in any one of them can put the restaurant out of business.Everybody knows!The Spring Festival is the golden period of the restaurant industry, and the current competition is so fierce, so how do restaurant owners select high-quality food explorers to empower their restaurants?After practice, I summarized the following points: 1, to “uninvited” to the store’s talent suggestions to refuse!Not long ago, a restaurant owner in Hunan experienced a terrible thing to him: a gourmet shop expert, with several people “uninvited”, in a restaurant after the live broadcast of a single consumption of more than 3000 refused to pay, the boss was forced to report to the police in the case of fruitless negotiations.Next, the food explorer on each platform to the Hunan restaurant malicious evaluation to strike revenge, the store’s business plummeted, for this, the boss spent a lot of time and energy to clarify the truth.Finally had to write in the eye-catching position of the door: the shop is forbidden to probe into the owner of the sow, once found immediately drive people, face rebuked indecent, please respect yourself!In addition, some of the food store’s own quality is not high, whether take video or live always love to show off, even in very exaggerated language or expression to gain more netizens attention, as cafe owner or manager, see the situation to timely stop euphemism refused, prevent influence the guests dining experience.2, shop, pay by effect due to food agent shop’s threshold is low, this occupation trill individual account has 1000 powder can be ground shop, some people to meet the basic conditions for ground shop around, many bosses are rejected, individual boss also lest shun, the main reason is that for most, spent money effect no egg “!My suggestion is that during the Spring Festival so long as has the talent agent store, don’t refuse, can ask request, during the festival the dinner guests a lot, can ask don’t live, can only shoot video and pictures, and then pay according to the results, for example: trill merchants version, background to hit package, according to the number of selling to reach the corresponding commission, such as:Pay commissions based on a certain number of views for a video or comments.If you think about it carefully, if you have 10 talents to promote you successively, the restaurant will be known by more and more people in the local area. Sooner or later, it will become popular.3, review the works published by the master, to avoid the feeling of psychological gap after guests experience some food masters in order to obtain more traffic and fans, often exaggerate in the script or copy, the result?After the guests come to the store to experience a lot of heart, so they will ridicule: “the food is not good”, “the service is not good”, “the dining experience is poor” and many other bad comments.To avoid this kind of negative publicity, the boss should carefully review the uploaded video or posted graphic work.Write in the end: in the face of the cruel competition of the catering market, even in the Spring Festival catering season, I hope every restaurant owner always remember: now the era is the flow of king!Only with high-quality food scouts long-term cooperation, they will continue to bring more traffic to the restaurant, so that your business is thriving.I am a catering entrepreneurship combat experience sharing talent, if you want to do not step on the pit on the road to entrepreneurship, less detours, remember to pay attention to me!