Picture English spelling: short vowel word cards (300), practice spelling learned words

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Learning without spelling words exactly, a lot of our school English classroom is away from the spell because school does not “boys and girls, read after me twice” in this way, a unit, a unit, a book and a book if you can keep up with the rhythm, easily remember the words, it is own lucky in our Hong Kong Taiwan, spell is widely popular DJ the phonetic symbol,Whether it’s KK whether it’s phonics, whether it’s alphabet whether it’s in public school classrooms, whether it’s in after-school English classes and what about us?Different from Chinese, English is written in pinyin, and there is a direct link between pronunciation and spellingMastering the basics of pronunciation is the foundation of learning English well.”English teaching master Xu Guozhang: “language has three aspects, namely pronunciation grammar, vocabulary.Phonetics is fundamental and primary.Pronunciation comes first.”So, please don’t struggle to learn phonetic symbols first, or phonics first.Picture says phonetic symbol: 15 seconds back phonetic symbol picture speaks English 365 yuan to buy column