PSBC Hengshui Branch launched a joint publicity campaign to prevent illegal fund-raising

2022-04-23 0 By

For deepening financial publicity and education work, the implementation of strict guard against and crack down on illegal fund-raising activities, according to the requirements of the people’s bank and the higher the correlation, recently, the post office bank hengshui city branch joint postal company, synergy to guard against illegal fund-raising “thousand thousands screen curtain” joint campaign, make use of the display screen, electronic, banners and other equipment, extensive publicity materials,Improve the public’s legal and financial knowledge level and risk identification ability.During the activity, the bank is given priority to with network propaganda position, post propaganda banners in outlets, at the same time by the network, customer manager, the lobby manager to preach, head of the group, using client do business time waiting, for its explanation to guard against and crack down on illegal fund-raising related knowledge, popularizing financing, financial, legal common sense, to improve the ability to recognize the illegal fund raising,Focus publicity on vulnerable groups to improve the effectiveness of publicity.At the same time, give full play to the role of the main position, with a point to the surface, relying on the dot radiation around.By putting up slogans, rolling LED display, indoor TV broadcast illegal fund-raising propaganda and other ways to do a good job of propaganda, a total of more than 3,500 times broadcast propaganda slogans, strengthen positive authority guidance.In the next step, the bank will continue to carry out publicity activities to prevent illegal fund-raising, and make use of the Spring Festival period to innovate the publicity mode and improve the publicity effect.Author: Ma Dongchang